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5 Times The Emmys 2018 Disappointed Us

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The Emmys were once exciting and highly anticlimactic. However, The  Emmy 2018 has cast a giant pitch-black shadow on the reputation of the awards by honoring some highly undeserving candidates in place of worthy ones.

The Game of Thrones continues its legacy

Amidst a list of magnum opera, the redundant winner seized back its throne yet again. And, this is probably the most disillusioning highlight of The Emmy 2018. The Game of Thrones already has 2 Emmys for its earlier seasons which were absolutely fabulous. However, the same cannot be said for its seventh season, which was somewhat mediocre. The Game of Thrones was already showered with praise for the technical work that takes behind the making of this fantasy. It had grabbed 7 rightful Emmys at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, and that should have been it. The Handmaid’s Tale remained largely excluded from technically all Emmy categories. And, although it was ideally the most deserving here it could not withstand the wrath of Game of Thrones’ colossal fan base.

Emmys royally snub Donald Glover

Nominated for three rightful Emmy categories: Comedy Writing, Directing and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Glover wasn’t able to make it big. He lost both the creative categories to Amy Sherman Palladino. True, Sherman was just as deserving. But the Academy could have strike a balance by honoring both with one award each. Glover did a fine job with directing his comedy series, and the fact that he was able to stand out in all the spots where he tried makes him a winner already.

Fans preferred Barry’s Bill Hader over Grover in the race of Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. It was nice of fans to appreciate emerging talent, but unfair to make Grover lose spot just to allow Barry to sit in. The Emmy eligible actor will surely be back next time, but the Emmys surely took the wind out of his sails.

Thandie Newton pushes deserving candidates aside

Nominees of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series did not escape the Emmy cruelty either. Over a list of deserving candidates including Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown and The Handmaid’s Tale Yvonne Strahovski, Thandie Newton emerged as the winner. Perhaps Yvonne’s defeat is understandable since the category included two other nominations from the same show. Multiple nominations have fans divided, and the community that was going to vote for the ‘show’ is now forced to split and vote for ‘3 people from the show’.

However, Stranger Things’ child star’s defeat still remains beyond our comprehension. No doubt, Newton was a worthy candidate to sit on the list. But to stand atop, we respectfully disagree.

Claire Foy

He angelic, the celestial, and the holy: The Queen is supreme. Claire Foy brings such purposeful brilliance to her portrayal of The Queen of England that you just simply fall for her. Her regal demeanor is a façade of Elizabeth’s emotional struggles. Her journey as she juggles between a quick-witted queen and a reigned family woman is no short of inspiring. But did she deserve this light? No, at least not for now.

The competition was tough, and there was still scope for general refinement for Foy’s character.  This year was unmistakably Keri Russell’s who deserved her leaving prize after playing a magnificent undercover Soviet spy for 5 long years.  Even if not Russell, Evan Rachael Woods was the next worthy candidate for the accolade. But it seems like God has other plans.

Alex Borstein wasn’t as Marvelous

The right amount of spotlight is good, but excess is just blinding. This was Laurie Metcalf’s year and she deserved to be praised to heavens for her depiction of Aunt Jackie with the same nostalgic charm. Metcalf played Jackie after 20 long years, and not a shade from her original character was missing. She, in fact, outshone her show’s lead star Roseanne Barr and gave the show an exclusively groundbreaking comic touch.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel undoubtedly attracted a little too much attention at this year’s Emmys. Not that it is not deserving. But, it was deserving in fewer categories. In the comedy section, it was more of a Marvelous galore, which felt way too overdone.

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