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Carole Baskin Of Tiger King Got Tricked Into An Interview By A YouTuber

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She has been trying really hard to maintain it but alas a YouTube prank got the better of her. Tiger King’s Carole Baskin has been trying her best to maintain media silence regarding her scandal with Joe Exotic. But she got tricked into the very interview she was hiding from, and that by YouTubers, Josh Pieters and Archie Manners. The pranksters did quite some effort to bring the tiger queen online and set her up in a way to make her believe everything was real. “In a worldwide exclusive”, they revealed to the viewers!

Carole Baskin Finally Gives An ‘Interview’

Pieters and Manners disguised their interview by making Carole Baskin think she was going to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The two had been playing this prank on many different celebrities, and even caught a few of them in their trap. The two had gone all out on laying down the groundwork to make anyone believe this interview was the real thing.

For Carole Baskin’s ‘interview’, the two made a fake production company called The Invisible Object that apparently facilitated guests on Fallon’s show. At first, Baskin played her usual hard to get, refusing different questions and topics before finally sending her approval through email. Baskin had turned down all topics related to Joe Exotic or the Tiger King scandal as she was upset over allegations. Hence, Pieters and Manners assured her that the interview would only be on cats and not the controversies. For this, they used Fallon’s clips of speaking about cats to discuss this. Finally, the Zoom call was ready to host Carole Baskin for her interview.

Manners’ phone also runs out of prepaid credits during his first phone call. The two YouTubers even explain why Jimmy Fallon would not be appearing on the video call. It is as hilarious as a prank can get! You guys can check out the entire interview in the YouTube video below;

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