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How Do Talk Shows Shape Our Culture

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Social behavior is not something that comes to us innately. Rather we develop social instincts with time. These instincts are often greatly influenced by media discourses. As, what we are exposed to constantly does profoundly affect our senses and how we view the world. Talk shows, another form of media, shape our societies by contemplating over present realities. They offer satirical or witty takes over contemporary issues and bewitch us into watching them.

Some talk shows would not compromise on morals and ethics, and would carefully respect the ethical structure of a society. They would imbue sentiments of liberalism and acceptance in our culture; in addition, to prevailing political insight amongst their viewers. However, a few talk shows would bale up the intelligence and throw all of it into the sink.

Over the past few years, the audience has been a lot more serious about non-scripted shows. They are not just pieces of entertainment rather they are blistering forces of political flair that reveal accurately the true faces American politics and ingenious media propaganda. True, the late-night comedians today have bloated light entertainment with a curative democratic mission that will ultimately refine the bigoted ideologies of commoners in America.

What Talk Shows Do to Give Political Transparency

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Comedians like John Oliver, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert have been given the mantle of revolutionaries, although they are not revolutionaries themselves. They have just opted for the language of comedy in an era of comedy excess to deliver what America needs the most: political transparency. The public is more in control of themselves today; they are less ignorant then how they used to be. Ideas of racism and sexism still dwell in the corrupted society but they are far less accepted than before. In this ionosphere of social awareness, talk show hosts can stress more on what is deviant and what is not. They treat social and political injustice as a canvas and paint on it their intellectual views and solutions.

Source: YouTube

John Oliver’s dialogue, in last week tonight with John Oliver, with Anita Hills, laid Touchstone for the #MeToo movement. Hills and Oliver discussed for the first time in a bright practical light, bystander reactions to instances of harassment. They devised the concept of bystander training at workplace and engaged the HR in the development of this idea.

Inscribing political knowledge doesn’t only create consciousness but it also allows one to take decisions that are in the best interest of his own existence and his environment. Daytime or Nighttime, talk show host do not simply unanimously agree over a point. To guard the exclusivity of their show, presenters try to tell things differently. And since, there are more talk shows on TV than ants in my gardens, there is a massive accumulation of opinions. And, this thankfully departs talk shows from what they used to be in the past: mechanisms to lure minds into a single idea. So even if a host cynically uses the therapeutic model for psychological sound bites, it would be of no avail; since it is not the only escapism for its viewer.

However, several talk shows exploit entertainment purposes. They would maneuver by manipulating the absurd, the eccentric, and at the times the wrong into presentations with less sinister facades. They invite people to come on to these shows to confess obnoxious stories of anti-social behavior before billions of strangers. Rather than being scared, embarrassed, or trying to hide their stigma, “guests” willingly and keenly discuss deviant behavior. They would discuss controversial topics in an effort to seek “understanding” for their particular issue.

Deliverance of social acceptance can also turn ugly sometimes. When Live TV discusses a taboo matter, the suggestions offered must keep relevance with the law or the moral code of conduct. A live-TV program, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, aired an episode entitled “When Your Best Friend Is Sleeping With Your Father,”. The hosts advised the daughters on the stage to “just love them both and accept the situation.”

TV presenters love to touch upon the relationship between the promise of knowledge being power and power being meaningless. But entertainment is entertainment. And power is power.

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