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The Vespa Mandarina aka Murder Hornet is Here to Make 2020 Even Worse

Meet the Giant murderer from Japan.

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The Asian Giant Hornet aka the Murder Hornet has landed in the United States to make this year even scarier. If you think Coronavirus pandemic is terrifying, wait till you hear about these 2-inch giant Asian hornets decapitating heads off of honeybees and killing humans as well.

These Asian Giant Hornets have become the talk-of-the-town since New York Times shared the breaking news of the devastation they caused in Washington. The details in the article sound quite gruesome and straight out of a novel. Yes, they are that scary and will make you forget about the Coronavirus for a few moments. You must be thinking what is a Murder Hornet? Well, here’s what we know about them.

Murder Hornets (Vespa Mandarina) are the biggest of its kind and grow up to a whopping 2-inch or 5 cm. No other species have been known to grow this large. With big size come larger and painful stings. Besides inflicting excruciating pain, Murder Hornet’s sting can even penetrate a normal beekeeper. The sheer size and length of the stringer deliver a pain that is comparable to hot metal penetrating the skin.

Can a Murder Hornet Kill you?

According to the Times, more than 50 deaths are reported every year in Japan. However, death from the Asian Giant’s sting is rare. If the victim is allergic to venom or if he/she gets stung by a large number of these massive Hornets then that can prove fatal.

The main reason why the species is known as a Murder Hornet is that they can annihilate a beehive in a matter of hours. They do so by chopping the heads of the honeybees and then feeding the carcasses to their young. A small group of Murder Hornets can kill thousands of bees in no time. This is exactly why they are so dangerous.

The honeybee population is seeing a decline already. And if this threat is not eliminated, it can further affect the bee population.

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