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Gordon Ramsay Wears A Dress While Isolating In $5M Cornish Home

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Pro chef Gordon Ramsay might be in the middle of a backlash over his luxurious isolation, but that wouldn’t stop him from having fun. The television personality is under fire for isolating in his $ 5 million home however, he is enjoying the time making TikTok videos with daughter, Matilda. Ramsay posted a video on his TikTok channel with his 18-year-old on Saturday to do a Flip The Switch challenge. Here we saw the insult-blurting television star to change into Matilda’s girly white dress.

Gordon Ramsay Does A TikTok Challenge With Daughter

While the 53-year-old Gordon Ramsay is isolating in his luxurious home, Matilda and he decided to make a TikTok. In the video, Gordon is in the midst of preparing another delicious dish and is sprinkling pepper into the pan. The scene suddenly cuts to black. When it returns Gordon is wearing his daughter’s dress, while Matilda is wearing his clothes. Gordon placed a caption under his post:

“How @tillyramsay and I prepared before today’s live….#fliptheswitch#tiktok”

Check out his video below:

In March, Gordon Ramsay and his family traveled to Cornwall to isolate for the coronavirus pandemic. However, it seems like his neighbors aren’t too happy with the professional chef’s arrival. Dashcam footage has come out that shows that allegedly Gordon ran over a red light while cycling, resulting in a possible crash.

One of the locals told DailyMail that Gordon Ramsay went over a red light at Trewornan Bridge while isolating in the second house. On the other hand, Ramsay claims that the incident is not true.

The neighborhood also claims that Ramsay brought the virus to them. However, Ramsay is confused about how this is logical since it is not against the government’s rules to retreat to another house. The Hell’s Kitchen star moved his entire family from London to their second home, which has caused a bit of stir.

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