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These Emmys Prove Netflix is Taking Over

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The 70th Prime-Time Emmys 2018 are right around the corner now. And this year, we have seen  many surprises. Be it the seating arrangement, or the hosting, or the list of nominations. But this time, we have seen an unusual trend that’s contradictory to Emmy nominations for the past 17 years. Emmys 2018 look more like a match between a television cable channel and an online streaming service. That is between HBO and Netflix. Now that the nomination lists are out, people can’t help but notice how many nominations Netflix secured. And they exceed that of HBO.

Emmys 2018 prove that Netflix is now an entertainment powerhouse. And not much behind the leading channel HBO. Last year, Netflix secure almost 93 total nominations for its various online streaming content. That’s double of what they got in 2016. By this time, they were almost only 17 nominations less from HBO’s total of 110. But at Emmys 2018, Netflix was nominated 112 times which puts in top of the list followed by HBO with 108. And with this, Netflix broke the record of HBO for gathering more Emmy nominations than any other network or streaming service for the past 17 years of Emmys.

Even when Netflix is doing great at Emmys 2018, and gradually maybe taking over, HBO still has some remarkable dominance. When it comes to individual program nominations, it’s still ahead of everyone else. HBO’s Game Of Thrones got a total of 22 nominations itself in various categories. Westworld and Saturday Night Live landed on the second place together with 21 nominations. However, despite Netflix’s overall lead, the Emmys 2018 nominations prove that HBO is producing some major blockbusters. But them again, Netflix has plenty of hits which are giving tough competition in almost genres. The Crown secured 30 nominations while Godless got 12. And Stranger Things did not disappoint with it’s own 12 while Glow got 10.

Since Netflix is aiming to spend between $12 and 13 million on production this year, it seems like Emmys 2018 is just a start into the world it will soon lead.

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