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Eminem Catches Home Intruder At His House In Detroit

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What would you do if you find a stranger inside your house in the middle of the night when all the lights are out? Eminem was put in the very situation after a home intruder broke into his house in the Detroit area. The 47-year-old Lose Yourself rapper must be feeling quite influential as the 26-years-old Matthew David Hughes lost himself and broke into the icon’s home just to speak with him. The reports tell that the guards of Slim Shady were ‘sound asleep’ when the home intruder entered the premises.

Eminem Home Intruder Only Wanted To Chat?

Eminem’s security detail later explained what was happening to what people are saying that they were ‘asleep’. During this event, which occurred around 4 a.m., the guards were posted at the front yard of the rapper’s house. However, the cheeky home intruder Hughes broke into the premises from the back. He then proceeded to break a window to finally enter the house. Unfortunately, his wits were at an end as he seemingly did not consider that the rapper would have placed security alarms inside the house. As soon the alarm went off, Eminem dashed downstairs to find out what happened. Walking through the home, he discovered the intruder, who told him that he only wanted to chat with the all-time greatest.

Eminem’s security quickly followed and took the home intruder into custody till police officials arrived. Hughes was arrested and then charged with two felonies: First-degree invasion and malicious destruction of a building. Also, the police held firm on a $ 50,000 bond in the suburban Macomb County Jail.

Perhaps Eminem’s home intruder should find it lucky to get off on such light consequences. If he had broken in LL Cool J’s house, things would have been very different. The 52-year-old not only caught his home intruder but also fractured his bone(s) and kept the burglar bleeding until the police arrived!

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