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Nikki Bella Worries About Breakup With John Cena

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Nikki Bella recently opened up about her life in the public in a new episode of The Bellas Podcast. She explained how all the negative speculation she receives about her relationships affects her.

Nikki, along with her sister, Brie Bella were interviewing The Bachelor‘s Hannah Ann Sluss. She was also facing a similar situation after a stint on the show.

“I can imagine ’cause, you know, even myself going through a public break up, that was difficult,” Nikki told Hannah Ann. She seemed to have been referring to her break up with wrestler, John Cena. Nikki and John had been together for six years and were even engaged at one point. However, the two ended their relationship in 2018.

Nikki revealed the hard part about the breakup was that it happened just before the season was supposed to air. It led the people to think it was a publicity stunt which was hurtful to the parties involved. She also acknowledged that Hannah’s situation was particularly made difficult by the fact that she couldn’t say anything. That was because she couldn’t spoil Peter’s season in The Bachelor.

“And mine was different than yours because I was going through pain of like, ‘No, this is real. I’m not lying,'” Nikki explained.

Nikki Bella’s Break Up With John Cena Haunts Her

Nikki Bella also revealed that she’s still dealing with the consequences of the break up to this day. She often finds herself wondering, will she ever be able to get away from it? The answer is mostly no. She reminds herself the public eye doesn’t forget anything. It will always haunt her. It will even always haunt her fiance. And they’re just going to have to deal with it.

“It’s been, what? Almost three years? Two-and-a-half years? And we still have it. I feel like I’m gonna have this triangle for the rest of my life. And so I just try to have this shell that fights it all. Because it used to get to me really bad, for a long time,” Nikki shared.

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