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Elon Musk Thinks Tesla’s Stock Price Is ‘Too High’

And as fate had it, it fell immediately after he said it.

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We all know how Elon Musk is not your ordinary billionaire. I mean, the guy shares memes and sh*tposts on Twitter when he gets some free time from Space X and Tesla. But, it looks like the quarantine and lockdown has really gotten into his head. After all, he’s blocking people on Twitter and tweeting stuff that literally makes the price of Tesla shares fall. That doesn’t seem normal at all!

Elon Musk thinks Tesla stock prices are too high, and soon enough they fall…

I mean, it’s really hard to imagine what Musk is thinking or doing right now. If anyone else would take a look at his account, it would seem as if he is hacked. Here’s his tweet where he believes the stock prices of Tesla are too high…

And as soon as this happened, Tesla’s stock price plunged by 13%! All of this happened within moments of Musk’s tweet. And if this wasn’t enough, he again tweeted something very strange. It honestly seems like Elon Musk is adopting a way of life free of earthly possessions, or maybe he’s just hacked.

He’s blocking people on Twitter…

But, this is just part of the strange behavior that Elon Musk is showing as of late. At first, he Tweeted how America should be set free and the lockdown is actually “fascist”. Now, as strange as this opinion is, it’s his opinion sure. But then, Musk goes on and starts blocking people on Twitter who were harmlessly bantering him or just… disagreeing with him.

Here’s the user @chubbyemu posting screenshots of his reply to Elon Musk on Twitter, and his subsequent blocking:

I have to admit, that egghead Musk picture is… oddly creepy yet hilarious? What’s even funnier is that now many users are replying to his tweets with this picture. The internet only needs a small opening, and then they start pouring in with the banter. But there’s no harm in this, I’m sure of that.

And then, Musk went ahead and banned a verified MD on Twitter who disagreed with his anti-lockdown stance:


At this point, this kind of behavior is very strange coming from Elon Musk. We know he isn’t the conventional billionaire, but even then this is a bit odd. Not agreeing with the lockdown is an odd opinion in itself, but then complaining about your own stock prices are too high? And the random blocking? Definitely looks like the quarantine is taking its toll on him. No wonder his girlfriend is mad at him.

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