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Disney Movie Hercules Live-Action Is Coming And Fans Set Cast Already

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We all must love Hercules, right? Here is a demi-god who is forced to leave Olympus and reside in the mortal world. There his adventures begin, whilst also falling in love with Megara, who is literally godsent. The 1997 adaptation of a classical Greek myth has always stuck on to most of us for some reason. It was ahead of its time and had humor we understood only much later. And now, there is quite a possibility to see all of that return in the form of live-action Hercules movie as Disney catches today’s news highlight. The excited fans have already chosen their major cast, let’s take a look.

Who Should Be In Disney Live-Action Hercules Movie?

 Megara Should Be Ariana Grande

Let’s take a moment here and analyze this. Megara wears a ponytail, CHECK! Has a flawless voice, CHECK! Has an unbothered attitude with a hint of “I don’t talk to boys unless I want to”, CHECK! When Disney’s Hercules movie comes out in live-action remake, this is who you all would love seeing!

Danny DeVito As Phil

Why not? He originally voiced the Satyr, who served as Hercules trainer in the 1997 Disney version. Philoctetes should naturally go to DeVito, without any second guesses!

Beyonce, Lizzo, Amber Riley, Normani and Britanny Howard As The Muses

I just want to see a movie where Beyonce comes to sing The Gospel Truth and then teams up with Lizzo, Riley, Howard, and Normani to create the greatest Disney movie narrator lineup for Hercules!

The Rock and Angelina Jolie As Zeus & Hera

Dwayne Johnson has all the charm, statuette and the physique to be the god of all gods. Next, Angelina Jolie has already proven herself to be great at being a goddess-like figure, especially after her role in Maleficient (yes she is not a goddess there!). All in all, we know the two can do well in their roles.

Avan Jogia As Hercules

While some of the social media want Chris Evans to play Hercules, we think Disney might choose an actor that is slightly different from the mainstream. For this movie, Jogia has the right amount of charm and hotness to him!

Stanley Tucci As Hades

Tucci is the right amount of evil and humor you can get, seeing his performance in Transformers and The Kingsman. He was there in The Hunger Games and in Percy Jackson as well. He has the right amount of Disney’s version of Hades.

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