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Jason Bateman Up For Another Emmy, Will He Make Big It This Time?

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Talk about versatility and you automatically get Jason Bateman. He has won his third Emmy nomination for Netflix’s Crime-Thriller Ozark. Even before we can proceed to debate over if this nomination was rightful or not, one thing needs to be noted. Two of Bateman’s roles, for which he received Emmy nods, are a far cry from each other. Jason has scored two nominations in the category of ‘Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” in the past. And, those were for his spectacular jovial, outré dynamic performance in Fox’s knockout comedy show Arrested Development.  From elevating a full-fledged sitcom to unprecedented heights, now Jason Bateman is all set to make Ozark take over the world. The fact that Jason has nailed to divinely departed roles, as evident by his Emmy nominations, is alone a subject for a massive applause.

Strictly speaking, This isn’t just Jason’s 3rd nomination. In fact, Jason Bateman has also scored another nomination for the same show, as he is also the director of Ozark. Bill Hader (“Barry”) and Donald Glover (“Atlanta”) have also followed suit by obtaining directing nominations for their shows too. Jason has won both the nominations for the same episode. And, that is for his commendable performance and direction in the series finale episode “The Toll”.

True, Jason Bateman is a genuine maestro. He is a heartthrob, a charming hunk that can simply make ladies go ga-ga over him. The intrinsic charisma factor can also be deemed true for his portrayal of Marty Byrde, who no doubt has a commanding presence on screen. However, Marty isn’t exactly the character whom we’d expect to sit atop the nomination list. Marty is a very stereotypical portrayal of an anti-hero. It’s like crime-thriller are keen on adding grey layers to their protagonists to beef up the storyline, and they have now done it so many times that it isn’t even fun anymore.

We saw Byrde doing everything a quintessential shady character normally does, in the season finale ‘The Toll’. He was making arrangements to avoid suspicion for money laundering in the Mexican drug cartel fiasco. Simultaneously he beamed some shades of nobility when he tried to escape for the sake of his family’s safety.  Maybe, we cannot really blame it on Jason for playing a character with a weak touchstone. The character is badly written at times, and Marty often doesn’t get the best lines. Jason Bateman does reluctantly; try his hand on the Emmy-worthy execution of his drab character. He manages to set some things right while several other points surface devoid of an artistry touch.

Bateman is in an interesting place in his category, which has six nominations. “This is Us” (Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia) and “Westworld” (Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright) each have two nominations in the race. True, his competitors are extremely tough; however, the repetitive nominations will largely divide the fan base as in whom to vote for. When multiple actors get nominated for the same show, it’s easy to perceive that they both did a brilliant job. This creates rifts within the fans and they end up in a state of dilemma as in whom to vote for.

Additionally, The Academy’s love for Jason is exactly transparent. It has showered excess appreciation on Bateman by giving him two Emmy nods; a clear indication that The Academy wants Jason to go for the win.

Unfortunately, the Emmys haven’t picked up Jason’s show as a nominee. There were obvious flaws in the seemingly ingenious show hence the Academy did not consider it worthy to sit in the Outstanding TV show nomination list. So if the show wasn’t perfect, how can the characters be?

Perhaps, The Americans fame Mathew Rhys has posed the stiffest challenge to Bateman. He is expecting his parting prize from The Academy. And, fans of the now gone show will unanimously want to offer tribute to the actor’s prowess and fine performance over the years. In the end, we can only hope that the best man wins.

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