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Joe Biden Claims Tara Reade’s Official Complaint Can’t Be Found Anywhere

He finally releases an official statement denying the charges.

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After months of speculations, Joe Biden finally breaks his silence on Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault. The apparent Democratic candidate’s campaign had denied the allegations earlier, but this time Biden took it upon himself to address the matter. Here’s what he has to say!

Joe Biden breaks his silence

Joe Biden Claims Tara Reade's Official Complaint Can't Be Found Anywhere

In March of this year, Tara Reade shook Biden’s campaign when she leveled allegations of sexual assault on him. According to her, the events took place in the 90s. Moreover, her brother, neighbor, and friend are backing her up on her statements. This made Biden’s life quite difficult, especially with a Presidential Election right around the corner.

Finally, in an interview on MSNBC’s show Morning Joe, Joe Biden broke his silence and denied the allegations. In the interview he clearly said:

I’m saying unequivocally that it never, never happened.

Right before this interview, Biden released a statement where he says that Reade’s claims were filled with inconsistencies:

Responsible news organizations should examine and evaluate the full and growing record of inconsistencies in her story, which has changed repeatedly in both small and big ways.

His biggest evidence is that Reade’s official complaint can’t be found anywhere

Moreover, Joe Biden claims that Tara Reade couldn’t get any staffer to back her up on her statements. She never went to any of the responsible officials with her complaints or issues. According to him, the complaint that Tara Reade claimed to file cannot be found anywhere in the National Archives.

There is a clear, critical part of this story that can be verified. The former staffer has said she filed a complaint back in 1993. But she does not have a record of this alleged complaint.

Biden also mentions that:

The papers from my Senate years that I donated to the University of Delaware do not contain personnel files. It is the practice of Senators to establish a library of personal papers that document their public record: speeches, policy proposals, positions taken, and the writing of bills.

However, it is important to note that many of these records remain under seal until Joe Biden retires from public life. When the MSNBC host pressed Biden that if he would let Reade’s name be searched in the University of Delaware records, he denied and said:

There is nothing. They wouldn’t — they’re not there. I don’t understand the point that you’re trying to make. Look, who does that search?

He said this with great frustration. These allegations have Biden’s bid for the 2020 Presidential Elections under threat. In such cases, it is very important for there to be maximum transparency. Only then can the truth be separated from fiction.

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