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Ninja & Logan Paul Record UFO Sightings within a Week of Each Other!

That's alarming, right?

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To say that many content creators would do anything to get views is an understatement. The 2018 suicide forest incident revolving around Logan Paul is a prime example of that. However, the recent UFO sightings documented by the Maverick as well as the popular eSports player Ninja manage to raise certain questions.

Ninja and Logan Paul’s Recent UFO Sightings!

We bet that there are countless videos on YouTube that have “UFO” or “Aliens” in their titles, just to get more people to watch their content. While many people would classify it as “Fake News” of sorts, it is how social media works.

But then enter the recent recordings put on the internet by self-proclaimed “Ex-Controversial” YouTuber Logan Paul and Fortnite heartthrob Ninja. Both influencers believe that they caught UFO on camera.

According to Ninja, what he initially thought to be a North Star soon started flashing and around 40 little “stars” shot out of it to form a straight line across the sky. While he couldn’t record anything, he tweeted a photo to give us a glimpse of the apparent “UFO”.

Logan Paul, on the other hand, got a brief glimpse of the scene on camera, which you can see in one of his vlogs. The older Paul brother also discussed the sighting on a recent episode of Impaulsive.

The Fallout

According to many people, what Paul and Ninja are calling “Alien ships” are actually the Starlink satellites. They are launched into space in sets of 60.

Moreover, Logan Paul claimed that YouTube “buried” his entire vlog due to it featuring a “UFO” sighting. The “Ex-Controversial” YouTuber also revealed that people are now labeling him as a part of the “Hollywood Elite”.

Strange times indeed. Here’s hoping that if aliens are actually planning on visiting our planet, they do so after the coronavirus pandemic passes.

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