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7 Weirdest Apps That Exist

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Ever been so bored that you end up searching up your Play Store to find out if any new apps were around? Most probably, you know about popular applications like Flappy bird and Sarahah. If you thought humanity couldn’t possibly come up with any more weirdest apps, then I’m afraid you’re wrong.

We bring you a collection of 7 weirdest apps that exist that will make you wonder WHY!

1 Cuddlr

Source: Phandroid

This app is for the lonely singles who just want someone to hug on their weekends. It allows you to share your location and find somebody in your area to cuddle with you. It’s free for iOS users and will soon be joining Android too. There’s a risk of serial killer entering your apartment, but it might be worth it.

2 Nothing

Source: Google Play

As the name suggests, this app does absolutely nothing.  It doesn’t have an icon and all you can see in blank black space when you download it, and that’s it! What’s even weirder is that this app has a paid version as well so you can do nothing by paying $0.99. Better than buying lives for Candy Crush. Now that game is a drug that corrupted all of us.

3 Places I’ve Pooped

Places I’ve Pooped
Source: Buzinga

Congratulations, iOS and Android users, now we have an app to make sure you can mark on maps the places where you have pooped. The internet surely brought us great innovative times, offering us a record of the places we took a shit in…No wonder no aliens visit us.

4 Pimple Popper

Pimple Popper
Source: Softonic

Pimples are no jokes, but this gross application has made a game out of popping virtual pimples. It’s free for both iOS and Android users in their Play Stores. What surprises me the most is that people actually have a thing for this sort of thing.

5 There Is No Game

There Is No Game
Source: Google Play

If you downloaded this, the game is on you! There is no game to play in this app, and the screen remains stuck at “Not Loading” till a narrator explains how there is no game to play. It’s like when a painting of just the color blue is sold for millions.

6 Yo

Source: Google Play

This weird app allows you to communicate with your contacts through a text message type of way, but the only twist is that you can just send ‘Yo’ and nothing else.

What a powerful communication tool!

7 Demotivational Pics

Demotivational Pics
Source: Google Play

If you think life’s not going great, this app will remind you of how much worse things can get! Helpful, isn’t it?

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