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HBO Introduces Cast Of New Comedy ‘Betty’ Ahead Of Friday Premiere

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Crystal Moselle and Lesley Arfin have prepared a comedy for HBO’s 2020 summer slate, and its title may ring a bell. Betty, a televised spin-off of Moselle’s 2018 film Skate Kitchen, is set to premiere on HBO this Friday. And the network has set out the first footage, introducing the characters of its new comedy, today. Starring American skateboarders Rachelle Vinberg, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell, Kabrina Moonbear Adams, and DeDe Lovelace in their original roles, Betty will come for the patriarchal set-up of American skateboarding. The show’s cast generally consists of actors from the source, in addition to a few new faces. So let’s take a quick look into who we’ll be meeting on HBO’s Betty.

Rachelle Vinberg Leads Betty As Camille

Moselle has summoned her Skate Kitchen lead Rachelle Vinberg to headline her HBO comedy. Vinberg features as Camille, a fictionalized version of herself. Vinberg and her co-star Nina Moran are real-life skateboarders from NYC. Their YouTube clips, where they skated with boys in the neighborhood, impacted Moselle who cast them as the leads for her film and subsequently for her show.

Meet Nina Moran As Kirt, and Ajani Russell as Indigo

The first characters HBO has introduced from its new show are Kirt (Nina Moran) and Indigo (Ajani Russell). Rallying up real-life skateboarders, Crystal Moselle has cast Moran and Russell as her ‘Betties’. Moran and Russell are high-school friends, in fact, Moran has introduced skateboarding to Russell. In the sneak-peek video Moran and Russell talk about how they always have to ‘go higher’ to be noticeable, as skateboarding -which is a largely male-dominant sport- doesn’t easily recognize women.

While talking about their characters, Moran also pointed out that there is a change in culture on the streets. Girls are more freely taking their skateboards to the street. Additionally, there is more active participation of girls in sports than ever.


Kabrina Moonbear Adams As Honeybear, And Dede Lovelace As Janay

Moonbear will star as Honeybear on HBO’s Betty, a queer fashionista and skateboarder who will also have a complicated romance in the show. Lovelace will feature as Janay, a rallying figure in the group, who supports Camille in her skateboarding adventures.

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