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Melissa McCarthy’s Dream Comes True After Meeting Mark Wahlberg

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If you are looking to bring your dream to life, then perhaps Ellen DeGeneres can help. Melissa McCarthy sure had hers become a reality when she sat with the host. Recently, she posted about having a dream where she was spending quarantine with Mark Wahlberg. Weirdly, she would always call her by his full name because they don’t know each other that well in reality. However,  The dream was so vivid that she actually had to visit her guest room to check if he was actually there. Thankfully, Ellen found out about it and decided to do something. Let’s take a look!

Melissa McCarthy Surprised By Ellen

It was on her Instagram, where McCarthy talked about her dream. She told that she saw Mark Wahlberg in quarantine with her. There were others too, it was mostly a platonic thing, nothing special or gossipy. However, the actress said that he ‘lived with them’ in the dream – there was nothing creepy about it. To clarify, she kept explaining the normality of Wahlberg’s presence, sort of like he was a family member. For example, if the kids wanted to use the bathroom, then they would be like, ‘Oh! Mark Wahlberg is in there!’ Have a look:

Melissa McCarthy later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show along with her husband Ben Falcone. Jokingly discussing the dream again the Gilmore Girls cast member revealed she even had to check her house to see if it’s true. As she was discussing how good of a roommate Wahlberg was, he popped up on the screen. The guy was wearing only an apron and carrying a vacuum.

Apparently, Wahlberg likes to do house chores by wearing only an apron to cover his upper body. The actor popped on the screen as Ellen asked him how good is he with a vacuum cleaner. The group broke into laughter; for McCarthy, she did not expect him to dress like this. Fortunately, for her, she found it quite sexy!

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