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Nabela Noor Thrashes Trolls For Body-Shaming Chrissy Teigen

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Nabela Noor raised her voice against the online trolls posted for body-shaming Chrissy Teigen. The beauty guru, in fact, posted a tweet on Monday in which she suggested some valuable hobbies for all these trollers who just took social media to insult others. In addition, Nabela Noor (in a sense) patted Chrissy Teigen for firing back on these nitpickers.

Chrissy Teigen’s Backlash Tweet

This Sunday, Chrissy Teigen posted a hit back tweet on online trolls who openly body-shamed her square figure.

As a matter of fact, countless unacceptable comments sparked on Saturday after Teigen posted a video clip. Her Instagram story displayed the actress in her décolleté swimsuit.

Nabela Noor And Others Supported Chrissy Teigen

Besides, Nabela Noor, actress, and activist Jameela Jamil supported Chrissy via her, tweet: ‘I loved the video. Didn’t see a shape. Just saw fire.’ In response to Jamila’s support, Teigen thanked The Good Place actress for her encouragement.

Nabela Noor, in fact, is a beauty vlogging on the YouTube phenomenon. She runs her self-titled channel. Presently, her channel has gathered more than 800,000 subscribers. Moreover, exceptional DIY tutorials are her trademark. She, once, collaborated with Irene Sarah for clipping a video “Indian Bridal Makeup: Fresh Faced.”

Nabela Noor Confronted Body Shaming

The YouTuber herself was a victim of body shaming. Not long ago, the Bangladeshi-American beautician shared a poolside video where Nabela showcased herself in a high-waisted bikini. “This is my first time EVER posting myself in a bikini” she claimed.

Although a big number of her female fans supported her first attempt, yet there are still many followers who taunted Nabela’s self-confidence. Moreover, an anonymous follower asked Noor to “kill herself” because of  her “flabby body.”

However, beauty vlogger did not give up. She then responded by sharing a video selfie.  “This is what happens when you challenge the system, and I’m going to continue doing so.”

Chrissy Teigen And Other Targets Of Body-Shaming

On the other hand, our favorite Chrissy Teigen is executive producing as well as performing in Chrissy’s Court, a  courtroom reality series that debuted in April 2020 on Quibi. Back in November, Teigen set up her own cooking website, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. Fans can find savoring new recipes, suggestions, travel anecdotes, and much more at her site.

In short, body shaming pesters with female celebrities is nothing novel, especially in the entertainment industry. Renowned figures have bored this pain including Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez, etc.

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