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Why Demi Lovato Cut Her Exes Out Of Her Life

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Demi Lovato has pretty much grown in the public eye. From her Barney days to being on Disney, she has always been in the bright glare of the spotlight. And even though that meant we saw all her success, it also meant the public got to see all the gory details of her life. Including her relationships.


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But Demi has decided to put a stop on that now. As she said on Jameela Jamil’s I Weigh podcast, she has learned to keep boundaries.

“By not setting boundaries, it put me in the position that I was talking about every detail of every part of my life, whether it be a relationship or whether it be my recovery. Nothing was sacred to me anymore,” she explained.

She revealed how much it helped spending time away from the cameras after her 2018 overdose. Demi said she had healed more in the past year and a half than she had the past six years before that when she had went around the world talking about recovery. And the reason she says she’s been able to heal is because she hasn’t been letting the media talk about things. Things she doesn’t want to be talked about.

Why Demi Lovato Cut Her Exes Out Of Her Life

While still on the topic of boundaries, Demi talked about her past relationships. She always used to think having a negative experience with someone meant you had to fix it. But she eventually had to realize that wasn’t healthy. Which is why she’s not friends with any of her exes today. She noted she tried to stay friends with them because she was afraid of letting go of people. But she quickly learnt why people actually don’t do that. It just isn’t realistic. Or healthy.

“Now that I’ve been able to fully let go of people, you know, that is another thing that I had to learn when it comes to cutting toxic people out of your life—if they’re an ex, it’s for a reason,” Demi pointed out.

Kudos to Demi for realising what needs to be done and going through with it!

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