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Issa Rae Is Rooting For Her Roots…and She Should

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Popular African American actress Issa Rae can always be counted on for everything. From being relatable to funny or awkward to getting just real on everything, Issa Rae has been an absolute favorite. With the Emmys 2018 just round the corner, the actress has once again spoken up for all of the black community. But this time, Issa Rae has been nominated for an Emmy award herself, and people are just too thrilled for it. However, things are not as smooth for her as they should be now that a whole lot of people are upset that Issa Rae is campaigning for black rights only.

Issa Rae is herself nominated this year for Emmys 2018 for the first time. She is competing in the category for lead actress in comedy for her show Insecure. The Emmys 2018 are made more special as this time we have a new history in the making. There will be 36 non-white nominees in acting categories and that’s a 20% increase from that of last year!

Rooting For Black People

At Emmys 2017, Issa Rae claimed that she was rooting for everyone black right at the red carpet. At that time, Issa Rae’s HBO show Insecure was snubbed. But the actress thanked the audience saying that their support allowed them to show the stories that they wanted to. With public support, she and the writers could go for it. Her show Insecure was featuring a majority of an African-American cast. However, it failed to secure itself any Emmy nominations in 2017 despite critical acclaim. Despite this, Issa Rae said that she was happy with the number of people of color who got nominated for the Emmys last year. She added that she was pleased to see so many people behind and on camera struggling to tell authentic stories. And even more great is that audiences are ready to embrace these stories because they are tired of the old ones.

This time on the Emmys 2018 weekend, Issa Rae backed up her statement from last year again. She even admitted that the attention her comment received last year truly surprised her. She said that it was true. And she really was rooting for everyone black. At the party, Issa Rae added that whatever she said was at nobody’s expense. And that it was just true. She said that it was a great day for recognition of people of color specifically black people. Issa Rae claimed that they do not win a lot or get recognized. So whenever, someone black is on the screen, she hopes that they win.

People Are Upset With Issa Rae’s Stance

You might think that Issa Rae is one of the most loved celebrities here. That’s quite true. The woman is great at winning hearts, be it her struggle for representation or her acting or her hilariousness. But with Issa Rae rooting for black people at the second consecutive Emmys, things do not look that favorable.

Many people have started claiming that Issa Rae is ignorant. But what they probably do not realize is that everybody roots for their home. Don’t we always want one of us to win? So what’s wrong if she is doing so too. One person said that Issa Rae is giving the opinion that talent or substance does not matter. And that she’ll root for someone as long as they’re black. And if that’s her approach, why does she complain about being marginalized or defined because of skin? Another person said that this is what keeps racism going. Her comments received a lot of backlash and the underlying argument was that if someone white said something similar, they would have been considered racist. But maybe, white people need to stop believing that everything is about them.

What needs importance here is that just because she is rooting for black people does not make her anti-white. It’s great to see black talent recognized. For a long time, it has been in the shadows which makes people like Issa Rae talk about it. Representation is essential. And it’s time that people of color receive it. Because without it, they really can’t take themselves somewhere in the industry without it.

Let’s see if Emmys 2018 have some surprises for people of color!

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