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Forever: An Odd Series


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The new Amazon series Forever is comedy at its best. Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang have tried their best to lure us into a false sense of security right from the first episode. Forever is a story of a couple’s marriage with delightful comedy and surprising twists. But the producers chose to keep it all under the covers. Only because they did not want to spoil any part of the surprise for their audience.

Forever is basically an insight into the concepts of marriage and commitment. It is starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen as a married couple who experience their highs and lows. As the show unfolds, it’s a story of love and time. And also, monogamy and monotony, as well as the freedom to choose together with what the decision to choose will bring. But what makes this new series even more interesting is that everything it it was kept well under the sheets. In fact, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard requested the critics to limit the number of spoilers in their review. They have practically sent out a short but substantial list of forbidden items to reveal. And urged them to stick to themes, performances and moods in Forever when writing about it.

Everything To Know About ‘Forever’

The creators of this series, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard have themselves revealed everything that you might want to know about Forever. And it covers all from the idea to the characters and assumptions. It’s literally an answer to every question that might pop up in someone’s mind.

The Inspiration Behind The Idea

Alan Yang shared that almost a year and a half back, he dined for breakfast with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. And the two were interested in working together for a project again. Therefore, Alan called Matt Hubbard to pitch in some ideas. One of the first few ideas that Maya and Fred responded to was that they would be ghosts that do not haunt people. And at that time, it was just a half idea but it seemed really funny. But then again, they decided that it was really not an idea. So they took it from there and decided to create an emotional spine that would work well with it. That’s how the creators came up with the idea of being in a relationship or marriage for eternity. Alan Yang described this scene as the genesis behind Forever.

While talking further on other ideas that they had for the series, Matt Hubbard claimed that there were just too many. While recalling, he shared that there was one where Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen would be in-charge of a preschool in Silver Lake. But they kept coming back to the marriage one because it would pose a lot of questions in the audience. And that this one was the fullest area to explore. Alan Yang added that this one was a premise that he had not worked on previously. And that captured all his interest.

What’s With The Character Killings?

Something very unexpected happens only two episodes into Forever. Fred dies in the first one, while Maya follows in the second. And perhaps, the timing might seem too early. And Alan yang agrees that it was too early on. But when they started planning, they pitched only the first three episodes initially. And they were extremely happy that the idea progresses slowly. Compared to the recent trends in shows where everything is fast, a slow play is another surprise that Forever offers.

The Show Keeps Changing

One of the most surprising things about Forever is that it features the story of people who are resistant to change. Yet, the show itself keeps changing. Alan Yang added that he looked up and there are almost 3.4 million television shows there. So, he decided to mix things up a bit. And the intent was to completely throw the audience off their game. He even revealed that he had never in his career shot something like episode 6 and 8. In the middle of the season, the entire genre changes.

He said that each episode was totally different. If somebody watches the first, they would know that they want to watch the second. And with the third, they would wonder if they think they would watch it. Yang said that it was a risk but it was fun and exciting. They hope that they pulled it off well.

How Did They Create Afterlife?

Forever creates an afterlife. And undoubtedly, that kind of a thing requires a bit too many details to be plugged in. A lot of ground rules are laid on how it would operate before it can actually function. When inquired about this, Matt Hubbard said that they had too many conversations discussing how it should be. And they ranged from whether there should be lamps or the presence of people. He said that they had to do it on a macro level, especially since they wanted to portray that Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen were alone in the new world.

Eventually, they found a street with similar houses and a lesser amount of trees. They had nice eerie mountains in the back, got all the mailboxes covered, and removed the cars. They used extras to show ghosts moving around in the back. But they wanted to give the feel that there was a lot of space available. Matt said that sometimes, in love people feel that they are alone in the world with their lover. And that’s what they wanted to convey in the new world.

Alan Yang added that for the visual languages, they complied a document to send out to their cinematographer, production designer and directors. They even took images and inspiration from the work of great like David Lynch, and Wim Wenders, Kieślowski, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Luis Buñuel. Emotional and literal representations were all inspired by great films.

Will There Be A Second Season?

Both Alan and Matt believe that they are already thinking about ideas that they could use to take Forever for a season 2. They admitted that they are crazy people, and they love these characters, so they do have a lot in mind. And if they’re given the green signal, working for a season 2 would really be fun for them.

It seems like Forever is greatly an odd and unusual series. But maybe, that’s what makes it so special.

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