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The Last of Us Part 2 Leaked Clips Show Gross Spoilers

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It has been a crazy weekend, especially for Naughty Dog. They were (still are) busy battling it out with people who leaked their game, The Last of Us part 2, clips. The highly anticipated sequel had a release date of early 2020. Thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, the game has postponed to an unknown date. The game is ready to play it seems, as someone uploaded videos of the gameplay and potential spoiler on their YouTube channel. Although the authorities have deleted the videos (and probably the channel as well), it was too late. Gaming forums and re-uploads have already taken over to replicate those videos.

The Last of Us II Spoilers Are Here -Beware!

The clips are still present on the internet as of today, although the game developers might have removed them from mainstream platforms. There are a few parts where we can potentially figure out what is going on. We also get to see Dina, the love interest of Ellie who the developers revealed back in the E3 2018 trailer. We get to see Joel in those clips, he is present in a cutscene and other parts. Then, just like in the previous The Last Us, part 2 leaked clips also show role switching midway through the game. The timestamp on the gameplay videos shows that this was probably recorded from the internal builds, which are from March and February.

For ND, they are silent over this, perhaps creating confusion to lead the masses away from leaks. However, the accurate voices and the high-fidelity of the game suggest that the leaked videos might be the actual thing.  The Last of Us Part 2 clips venture dangerously close to the ending of the game. This is already making becoming a topic to some if they would buy the game at all now.

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