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Tricks Queen Elizabeth Uses When She Gets Bored Of You

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If you are going to meet Queen Elizabeth soon then there are some hints that you must keep in mind. The royals have their subtle gestures that alert their handlers and service people in different ways. Therefore, if you are one of those trying to strike a long conversation with the Queen then it may not always work. With her sleight of hand technique, she can get away from almost all conversations if she wants to.

Queen Elizabeth’s Ring Twisting Technique

Being the Queen of England has its advantages, but sometimes it can also mean getting into a pointless conversation with no end. When this happens then Queen Elizabeth can turn a long talk small with a simple trick.

When she is at home in Buckingham Palace, it’s easy. The Queen uses discreet buzzers hidden near her, which she can press to getaway. The buzzer alerts her staff that she is ready for her guests to leave. However, this buzzer is rather difficult to use in public.

Queen Elizabeth, therefore, devised an easy technique that can alert her aides to subtly and ingeniously take her away. She does this so by moving her handbag from one arm to the other. This is like an SOS signal for her staff who will then respectfully take her away from the person she is speaking to.

For instance, the move can be very subtle: “Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you,” royal historian Hugo Vickers told the People magazine. She also has a method where she twists her ring fingers, giving her staff a red signal. This means that she immediately wants to go away.

Unsurprisingly, this technique is common for most royals in the U.K. All members have their methods of alerting their aide and staff in different ways. Prince Charles, for instance, will end things on light and a quick joke.

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