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Trisha Paytas b**bs reveal on Instagram has fans worried

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Before she started joining every other community in the world, Trisha Paytas got her fans worried when they saw her topless. Believe it or not, she is still breaking the internet with her OnlyFans account. In fact, Trisha is one of the most viewed “artists” on OnlyFans. Yes, even with her botched b**bs. So, that should be enough for the bullies and haters. However, that should have been enough for her as well. But it seems like Trisha knows Instagram’s limited team cannot monitor her posts. Therefore, she is going all out on her Instagram account. And that has her fans worried.

Trisha Paytas & her botched b**bs

She is an outrageous person and she is bold enough to reveal herself in explicit videos on OnlyFans. Not only that, she often posts her barely covered parts on Instagram. In fact, Trisha Paytas was shadow-banned by IG for the same reason. IG is very strict when it comes to its community guidelines. However, the Instagram team is limited these days due to coronavirus. And Trisha is allegedly taking full advantage fo it.

A few months ago, Trisha Paytas confirmed that she will be getting another surgery to resolve her botched b**bs problem. However, it’s not been done yet. And if the lockdown continues, we do not know when that surgery is going to happen.

Still, she is fully confident. In fact, if you are following her then you’d have experienced launching Instagram and finding Trisha Paytas b**bs staring at you. The posts are not deleted by IG. And the fans are worried sick after seeing the condition of her b**bs.

Trisha Paytas worried fans
Trisha Paytas/Instagram

Backlash & more revealing photos

While some of her fans are worried about her, others are not really happy with her latest posts. They want her to delete the images. Some people are bullying her for her revealing photos.


Trisha Payats fans

Trisha Paytas backlash

There are also some mean AF comments on her posts and you can just go to her profile to read them. The question is, has this affected Trisha Paytas at all? The answer is a big no. She is posting more nudes and topless photos on her Instagram. She has even freed her n*pple multiple times by now.

While Trisha Paytas has gone topless on her Instagram, she has broken all records on her Twitter handle. Trisha Paytas has posted a screenshot of the very explicit OnlyFans profile. At this point, we just want all parents to make sure that their underage kids are not following her anymore.

Is Trisha mistaking IG and Twitter for OnlyFans? No, she is not. She is just using the other two social media accounts as marketing tools for her OnlyFans. And she’s doing a pretty good job at it.

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