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Are Jake Paul & Julia Rose Preparing For OnlyFans?

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Well! You guys already know about the controversial YouTube content creator ‘Jake Paul’. And Julia Rose, who happens to be the CEO of the adult digital magazine ‘SHAGMAG” is Jake’s new arm candy.

Lately, we have been witnessing a lot of PG-17 and R-Rated content from Jake Paul which is not a big thing for him. And he might be trying to make sh*t loads of money out of it too.

Let’s Talk About The “J’ Couple In Detail First

Alright, So Julia first appeared in one of Jake’s songs. Which was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. The song ‘these days’ premiered on YouTube on 14th December 2019. And it is kind of steamy.

Later, Jake Paul posted a picture with Julia Rose with the caption ‘ bro so what ‘. This picture was posted on 7th February after Jake’s split-up with Tana Mongeau.

Jake And Julia Getting Cozy

Let’s move on to Jake’s vlog from the 23rd of February. And focus on the title of the vlog which is ‘MY EX-WIFE hooked UP with my GIRLFRIEND’. Hold your breath and fast forward the video to 1:45.

Armani Izadi: “This is a really bad idea. Tana and Julia are about to get in a fake fight. And then start making out in front of Jake. It’s gonna be drama.”

Ummm. I literally played the whole thing a few times. And I am still unable to believe my eyes. Supporting your ex is one thing. But making yourself a part of a fake drama just for the sake of likes and views is totally ridiculous.

I was actually not expecting such kind of content from Tana. But anyways, both Julia and Tana were onto each other like h*rny bunnies. And managed to help Jake in earning 4.2 million views.

We Are Not Done Yet!

Now let’s jump on to the vlog from 21st March in which Jake Paul mentions how he fell for Julia and yada yada. and on the same day, he also announced the news of their relationship on Instagram with a very beautiful picture.

“So my girlfriend is a topless model. We met on the music video and we fall in love. Then everything progressed and we kept on falling really fast. And then I won my fight and that night I told her that I loved her. She said I love you back”.

Jake Paul further mentions :

“She invented the new Playboy magazine. I am actually really proud of her”.

You can hear a lot of adult sh*t at the end of the vlog. And I have come to this conclusion after watching the whole Vlog that these guys really have a thing for prawns. (you know what I mean so don’t make me say it).

Jake Paul’s Latest Vlog Might Be A Third Step Towards Making An OnlyFans

Let’s discuss the first step. A few days ago Jake posted a semi-nude on his Instagram with the caption “3 million likes and I’ll make an only fans”. The post has about 741-k likes so far.

The second step would obviously be the weirdly explicit picture with Julia Rose on the hood of a blue Lamborghini. And Jake’s facial expressions kind of explains that he might be having blue b*lls too. I mean who wouldn’t? Julia is super gorgeous and that’s one of the main reasons why Jake is having a hard time keeping his hand to himself.

If you go through the comments section, you will be able to see Logan Paul’s comment. God knows what’s cooking in his mind but I hope it’s nothing related to OnlyFans.

A Little Something For Naughty Boos Out There

Last but not the least, Jake’s latest vlog which is ‘rated-r’. Fast forward the video to 6:45 and try to keep your ears and eyes pretty much open.

Jake: It’s a f*cking sausage fest.

Julia: Where are all the fucking bitches at. Can we get these (boxer shorts) off?

Jake: Oh,We love that baby.

Julia: Why both of your videographers have experience filming p*rn?

Jake: Maybe because I have been wanting to film our p*rno.”

Right after this discussion, a text pops up on the screen with “250K LIKES?” So, they might be making something super adult if they hit 250K likes on the latest rated-r vlog. Which they totally have because they have almost 2.6 million likes.

Jake: This one is for the boys, you can thank me later.”

Right after this, Julia kind of shoves down her denim shorts and give a little sneak peek of her gigantic peaches clad in a black tiny thong. Uhh, Ohhh. Things are getting out of hands now.

Julia: You wanna see what else I can do in slow-mo?”

She grabs one of Jake’s super white peaches and l*cks it. And says “This one is for the girls”.

Eeeeeeeeek. I don’t know if you guys have noticed it or not but Jake’s body is super tan but his bum is orbit white. Julia should focus more on putting some tanning lotion on them pretty peaches rather than tapping them.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if the couple is near the landing patch of OnlyFans.

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