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Fans say Scott Disick should go to therapy

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Until a few years back, Scott Disick had it all. With one of the world’s most beautiful and richest wife in Kourtney Kardashian. He enjoyed a big mansion-like home and they made a lovely family together. But unfortunately, because of his insecurities, he ended up sabotaging his good life.

Recently he called up Kim Kardashian West to help him through a public speech. A video came to surface when Keeping Up with the Kardashians posted a promo video that showed Scott Disick having serious troubles. After posting this video, a lot of fans and followers left comments showing concerns over his well-being.

But while Kim was there to help him out, it seems it only made it worse. And Scott Disick said:

“This is starting to stress me out even more. I can’t do anymore. I’m starting to get more stressed. You’re too big for me. I should have had someone less famous over.”

After which a fan commented:

“Scott suffers from deep, deep insecurity. He needs to go to therapy to build up a healthy level of self-esteem.”

So does Scott Disick need therapy?

On the outside, it appears  Scott Disick has made monumental life changes, and maybe he’s doing better. He has not been seen partying hard like old days. But, although he maybe treading in the right direction there are high chances of him relapsing. Because Scott Disick did not complete most of his rehabilitation programs. Also, this inconsistency or irregularity may be weighing hard on his self-esteem too.

However on the flip side, no one really knows what’s going inside in head except himself. It is very likely that he’s doing much better than before. Like one fan who pointed out that anyone can get nervous in front of a camera. That doesn’t necessarily mean he needs therapy.

Only person that can say for sure if he needs therapy or not is, Scott Disick himself.

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