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Westworld Season 3 Episode 7: Breakdown And Review


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Westworld is always a very confusing show, but we finally have some clarity. In episode 7, we finally understood Dolores’s endgame and her showdown with Maeve, but that’s not all. We also learn what’s her strategy with Caleb, and see what the ‘Man in Black’ (or now white) William’s purpose is. The stage is set for Westworld season 3 finale, next week!

We finally know what Dolores’s plan is in episode 7 of Westworld season 3!

It took the show a while, but we finally know what Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is up to in season 3. We knew she wanted to bring a revolution in the real world, but her endgame didn’t make much sense. However, now things are clearer than before. But, I do have to remind you to take all of this with a pinch of salt. Because some of the plots from season 3 still don’t make much sense. Anyway, here it goes.

The first thing we see in episode 7 is that Charlotte Dolores tries to warn Musashi Dolores, telling him that original Dolores will kill all of them (yeah, my head is swinging). But, Musashi Dolores is killed off by Clementine and another host from Shogunworld. These were the two hosts Maeve had brought back to life for help. But, the real reveal was Dolores’s plan.

Dolores reveals her plan in episode 7, but it doesn’t make any sense

Evan Rachel Wood and Aaron Paul - Dolores and Caleb

The episode started with Dolores roaming in the wilderness of Sonora, Mexico. There she tells Caleb (Aaron Paul) that she wants to make a home for the remaining hosts to live out there days. However, that doesn’t make much sense. Most of the hosts are already safe in the Valley beyond. And she’s actually endangering them by not destroying the encryption key. And if she does want to save al the hosts, why hasn’t she done anything to save the hosts killed by Serac? This is where season 3’s weak writing is so obvious. But, there was a lot more to be revealed in episode 7.

Dolores plans to bring a revolution against human, with Caleb as the leader

After this revelation, Dolores goes on to find Serac’s correction facility, which we saw at the start of Westworld Season 3. But, as Serac is one of the dumbest characters in the show, he only has 7 to 8 people guarding the facility. I mean, for a guy who’s a multi-trillionaire, he is incredibly stupid. And it would have been believable had the facility contained nothing of importance, but that wasn’t the case.

Remember Serac’s previous version of Rehoboam, Solomon that we saw at the start of Westworld season 3? Serac used it to track down ‘outliers’. Now, outliers are these people who Solomon declares as self-destructive for humankind. They’re like software glitches that can kill the human race, which Solomon points out and then Serac uses AR therapy on them. Those who couldn’t benefit from this therapy were either killed off or put in cryogenic sleep. And all of their bodies, including his brother’s Jean Mi, along with the AI Solomon, were stored in this facility in Sonora, Mexico. And that makes Serac incredibly stupid because he was using 7 guards to hide his biggest secret yet.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 7 Breakdown And Review

This is the same AR therapy that we saw William take earlier in season 3, but this time there’s a twist. And that is where Caleb comes in!

Caleb’s whole life was a lie!

Aaron Paul - Caleb

As it turns out, the entire plot of his friend Francis dying in the war was a lie. Caleb did have a friend Francis in the military, but he survived. And both of them used to take gigs from the crime app Rico. As it turns out, Rico was designed by Solomon to regulate crime. And while doing this, it was able to get rid of all the ‘outliers’. But, something went wrong.

Episode 7 was full of flashbacks of Caleb’s life, but we eventually see it unravel. Solomon tells him that he and Francis used to do gigs on Rico for Solomon, hunting down targets unknowingly. But, one mission went wrong where Caleb takes the tape off of a target’s mouth and the target reveals the truth to Caleb and Francis. That’s when the AI changed their mission, into killing one of each other! And eventually, Caleb wins and kills Francis with his own hands. That’s where Serac’s AR therapy comes in, as it reprogrammed his mind into thinking Francis died in a war!

But, episode 7 had more in store for us. As it turns out, Dolores wanted Caleb to know this so she could lead a revolution, but with Caleb at the head of it. However, as details were being sorted out, Maeve showed up.

Maeve ruin’s the party

Westworld Season 3 Episode 7 Breakdown And Review 2

After this reveal, Maeve (Thandie Newton) shows up with a samurai sword and decides to ruin the show for Dolores. Dolores tells Solomon to give Caleb the plans for the revolution. After that, we see Maeve and Dolores get into a bizarre fight that didn’t make much sense.

Now, we know Maeve has God-like capabilities in Westworld, but she seemed to forget it all. She couldn’t control Dolores’s computerized gun and Dolores herself. And that’s odd considering that Maeve can control all computers, including Westworld hosts too (even though the electronics thing makes no sense).

But, she was finally able to rip off Dolores’s arm after which she tries to escape for her life. However, as soon as Maeve tries to make her final move, before the nonsense long dialogue that’s typical in movies before you kill off a character, Dolores presses a button that turns Solomon off, as well as Dolores and Maeve. But, before turning off, Solomon was able to give Caleb the plans for the projection that will bring the revolution. And that sets the stage for the finale of Westworld season 3.

William discovers his purpose in episode 7, finally!

Westworld Season 3 Episode 7 Breakdown And Review 3

He took his time, but William finally found his purpose in Westworld season 3. We see first that William is officially declared dead, so Serac and Charlotte could seamlessly take over Delos. Rehoboam had branded him an outlier, and in the chaos had declared him dead. But, Stubs and Bernard kept him alive and are trying to use him against Dolores.

However, William saw daylight in his AR therapy and realized that Westworld itself was his biggest mistake. Or, the hosts in particular. Thus, he sets himself on a journey to kill every host that is out there, this kind of aligning his motives with Serac and at odds with Dolores. I guess we’ll finally see the showdown in the finale of Westworld Season 3, ready to air next week. But, we did make a prediction of who might or might not survive the finale, so check it out here!

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