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Troye Sivan Is Obsessed With Allie X’s Song

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When Canadian pop chameleon Allie X dropped her second studio album in February, its feature ‘Susie Save Your Love’ instantly gripped indie-pop enthusiasts yearning for Mitski to end her year-long hiatus. Oscillating between Allie’s gleamy shine and Mitski’s poignant gloom, the song boasted a theatrical narrative with soaring melodies. It quickly raked up the charts, while also rallying about a budding fan-base for Allie. Besides ‘Susie Save Your Love’ Allie X had also included another feature in her album Cape God. ‘Love Me Wrong’ ft. Troye Sivan was another hit for Allie, and it went on to pull in another sizeable fandom for Katty Perry’s ‘spring jam’. While fans often clash to decide which feature of the two is the best, Troye Sivan has his favorite picked out. The answer is: ‘Susie Save Your Love’.

Troye Sivan Finds ‘Sussie Save Your Love’ Deep

In a recent tweet, Troye quoted the lyrics from ‘Susie Save Your Love’ by Mitski and Allie X. He then continued the thread by adding that the lyrics had him ‘deep in his feelings’.

Sivan’s fans were dumbfounded at the proclamation. But the undeniable charm of the Allie X- Mitski number got them to sing along with Troye. Some fans even demanded Troye to do a cover of the song.

Sivan recently went viral with his coffee-making video on Instagram. He also sang along Ariana Grande after her insta-live musical, which won him the praise and love of the 7 Rings singer.

Allie X Brings Mitski Back From Her Hiatus

Allie X had done everybody a favor by bringing Be The Cowboy star Mitski back to the business with Cape God.  Mitski has been absent from the spotlight since 2019. In fact, even after the release of her collaboration with Allie X, she faded back into the hollows. Mitski had firstly refused to feature, but eventually, she agreed to do it because she loved the song. Allie X called herself ‘lucky’ when Mitski agreed to partner with her because the singer normally doesn’t do features.

‘Susie Save Your Love’ is a song about being in love with your best friend and she’s dating a guy you don’t like—you know he doesn’t treat her right, and you just want to scoop her up and save her.”

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