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Aaron Paul Entry Can Be A Major Game Changer For Westworld

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Two worlds collide at HBO’s flagship Western Sci-Fi in its next season. On Thursday, Deadline reported that the upcoming season of HBO’s Westworld will feature AMC’s cult neo-crime-thriller Breaking Bad fame Aaron Paul! Yes, you heard it right! The three-time Emmy winner in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series is now aboard the train to the Wild West. While all details regarding his character have been kept under wraps for now, one thing stands true. The Westworld has undoubtedly stepped up its quality game. While Aaron Paul and the show creatives adamantly refused to divulge any details about his portrayal in the series, he has been confirmed as a series regular. And, this soars the excitement quotient much higher.

To speculate about how will Paul’s entry affects the storyline is pretty difficult. After several intelligent episodes in season 2, Westworld pressed the reset button in its season finale. Curtains were drawn over the entire Valley Beyond mystery. And, Delores was able to figure out an interesting technique to survive after the host massacre.

Aaron Paul’s Character Could Be Anything

There are endless possibilities of what can Paul’s character turn out to be. He can be a host in the park or he can be a human, or perhaps even both. Paul playing a recast host is a foreseeable prospect. And this would not be the first time Westworld is going to see something like this. In fact, by doing so Aaron Paul will preserve the legacy of previous Breaking Bad entrants on the show. As, last time Giancarlo Esposito, who was best known for his role as Gus on Breaking Bad, played the recast El Lazo in Season 2. However, this seems unlikely of an option. First of all, since the park has exploded there isn’t much of a scope for a host to be recast. Furthermore, the show is trying to salvage its reputation by reinventing themes in season 3. So, it probably won’t stick to old antics.

Paul’s Character May Enter As a Human

Odds are greater that Aaron Paul will enter The Westworld as a human. There is a palpable dearth of humans. With Season 1 and Season 2 satisfyingly dealing with fates of several pivotal humans on the show, it is a no brainer that the upcoming season can take some new human entries to spice up the storyline. Theresa Cullen and Robert Ford vanished in season 1 while many of the others like Charlotte Hale, Lee Sizemore, Emily, Elsie Hughes, and Karl Strand met their ends in the final episodes of season 2. Arnold, Logan, and James Delos are no more part of the current timeline.

The Man in Black, Felix, and Sylvester are the only surviving prominent humans. And Ashley Stubbs is probably a host too. A human character will only serve a strong narrative purpose. Now that the hosts are freely roaming around the streets of the Earth, a social exposure and challenges of life on Earth can come to the fore. The good, bad, and the okay about the real world can make for an interesting plot. Paul’s inclusion in this arc is the catalyst needed for this track to deliver quality.

Will Paul Save the Show?

He is probably the single person who can route the show back to comprehension. Several loyal viewers have refrained themselves from watching the show owing to the intricate wit of the show. They feel alienated by constantly changing timelines and the scientific intellect of the show. If Aaron Paul has been typecast, it would come to the show was a blessing. His whimsical yet formidable presence is just what the show needs to look real. The drab soulfulness of the show will hopefully go away with Paul’s lively entry and Season 3 by extension—will be wasted if he’s just another robot.

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