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American Horror Story Apocalypse: Was The First Episode Good?

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FX’s American Horror Story Apocalypse premiered the 8th season of its long-running saga this Wednesday, 12th September 2018.  American Horror Story has a thing, demand meaty and it will give you a ton of stuff to chew on. This season’s debut episode was no different either. With a fresh assortment of characters, a depraved proposition, and even an unanticipated death; the show raced at a pace never discerned before. It has not even been half a week since the show’s launch. And, we are already deluged into the overwhelming intrigue the premiere has given us.

Unlike the last season cult, which disappointingly jinxed one of its imaginary monsters into ruling America for real, Apocalypse does not disappoint. At least, this can be safely said for its first episode. Appositely mocking the Cult of followers, who had voted for Trump as president the show opens up with an apprehension of the ruin they have caused. It’s the Apocalypse. A situation that might have sounded conjectural before the 2016 elections than how it does now.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have been careful to not allow characterization paradigms contaminate the novelty of the new saga. Leslie Grossman essays Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, a filthy rich snob, and a reluctant influencer. Her inner circle includes her dainty hair stylist (Evan Peters), and a husband she occasionally tries to love (Billy Eichner). Billie Lourd essays Grossman’s dapper assistant while Joan Collins plays Evie.

The story makes some wise moves. It doesn’t simply waste time giving too much background footage. Rather it escalates by a ballistic missile’s impending crash on LA. There a news reporter exclaims on live TV that he wouldn’t be able to reach home to meet his daughter; hence, he expresses love for her on camera. Without much ado, the story transfers to Outpost 3, one of the many fallout shelters across the planet. A highly ill-lit building with a grim mood that resembles a poorly illuminated Chinese restaurant where you are forbidden to look at your food to know how disappointing it actually is.

The so-called survivors (whispers prisoners) are greeted by one of the several Sarah Paulsons on the show.  Paulson’s Wilhemina Venable dispenses out gelatinous cubes to her guests to feed on. She clearly has dubious motives, but she won’t ever voice what she wants. Venable is accompanied by a lunatic, scary Mirriam Meed (Kathy Bates), and an imperceptible ‘Cooperator’ whom she often mentions.

The Outpost 3 clearly has a dark, pessimistic history that would unlikely dawn to us in the season’s first half. It was mentioned that the shelter operated as a former boys school which was bought by someone. It can be conveniently fear-inflicting if we eventually discover that the Outpost is actually a tomb of the students that were buried alive for construction purposes. And, we really hope for this to be the case.

The premiere also strongly leaves clues about the imminent advent of zombies in this season. We have already seen some, strictly referring to the people who ate Coco’s chauffeur when he was trying to board the plane. And, some additionally have been mentioned (Venable’s canker puss monsters).

Apocalypse tries to set the scare quotient up via whip-smart mechanisms. It does not repeat its mistakes from The Cult, plus it does the essentials quickly. Every minute of the episode holds paramount importance in terms of storytelling. And a lot has been invested into entangling the scare factors and the numerous mysteries in the show into a conscious plot.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse continues in the US on FX at 10/9c, every Wednesday. In the UK, the season will premiere on Wednesday, 27 September at 10 pm on FOX.

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