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Someone From Modern Family Is About To Die, But Who Could It Be?

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Whisper the words “Modern Family” and you can see that a lot is going on. To begin with, we are having a “Modern Family” free Emmy for the first time since the show has hit our screens.  The show’s last season wasn’t able to register the same splendor as its predecessors. And, a general sense of redundancy has contaminated the brand. Given the circumstances, show-runner Christopher Lloyd has already hinted towards its closure with the upcoming season. This almost seems like a logical thing to do. It is always better to move out leaving fans demanding some more rather than running for ages and having the audience congratulate themselves for finally reaching the end.

Irrespective of whether the upcoming season will make the saga breathe its last or not, Modern Family is going to deliver some surprising or rather disappointing twists this season. According to reports, a significant character is going to die. Sigh, you heard it right. The show creator Lloyd himself confirmed this news.

Christopher explained: “We do deal with a death, which is certainly a topic that families have to deal with. And on television, it’s not easy to do because that’s a heavy subject. But at the same time, it would seem unusual for a family not to go through it.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that the rather unfortunate incident will occur in the show’s first half. This track will contour the story for the remaining episodes, and disillusioning but diluted repercussions will be felt throughout the rest of the episodes. Bereaved fans have already started contemplating over exits of various characters. Connecting abstract dots from the previous seasons, Modern Family’s loyal fan base is trying to figure out whom are they going to lose soon.

As fanatics ourselves, we with a box of tissues pondered over who it could be. And we were able to make some deductions.

Could it be Jay?

Now Jay Pritchett is the most obvious pick. Reason? He is old, and what do old people do? Well, they die. It’s not just us, but the characters of the show themselves that have often joked about him not being around forever. The sad part is Jay is the heart of the Pritchett household; in fact, he is the core of the show. Ed O’ Neil was seen having a discussion with his reel son Joe in Modern Family’s last season. So, if the makers have always had killing off a character in mind, they might just have left us a significant clue.

Or is it the Dunphys?

The parents of the Dunphy household are also at potential risks of passing away. Claire was discovered with a heart ailment back in Season 4. Phil too had had a gall bladder surgery in the show’s recent season. The exit of main leads is something the show can really cash on for its last season. More like a trademark move, something no other comedy show has done before. But, the problem is, if the show is to actually wind up with its upcoming season there isn’t ample time to deal with a lead’s death. The aura will be filled with such irreversible disenchantment and gloom that could only be dealt with another powerful comic force moving in. And this is probably not something the show can do in a single season when it already has a lot up its sleeves.

There Are More Old People Though…

DeDe or Frank too can die, with odds being greater for DeDe. They have aged, and their tracks have exhausted on many levels. DeDe, Jay’s competitive antagonistic ex-wife has had greater realizations in the show with several changes in her character. So, death would be a rather logical end to her character.

If the makers have actually locked on someone from the main cast to move out, Jay has to be the one. His death, though saddening, will open doors to greater comic havens. If Gloria ends up as a young widow, the creatives can try to get her to resettle. Or focus on how a woman in America copes up with a tragic situation and rises independently to set things right for her family.

The possibilities are ideally endless, but regardless of whoever dies; we are going to be really sad.

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