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Bese: Sharing Inspirational Untold Story of the Kalli Minor

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BESE is doing something incredible and worth applauding. It brings to us a whole new cultural perspective of today’s society. It does soBy reflecting upon the true nature of the existing American society and by bringing forward the untold stories of America. Not just a new narrative, but every story offers an inspiration like none other. This time BESE presents the story of 12 year old Kalli Minor hails from the same neighborhood as popular tennis champion Serena Williams. But instead of shining as bright as her hero, Kalli is striving to become even better.

The Story Of Kalli Minor

Kalli Minor is a determined young tennis player who is seeking to become better than almost everybody else. She is focused towards breaking all records. In fact, she wishes to do something that nobody has ever done before. Kalli claims that she does not have a weakness. Although, that’s not naturally possible but the young player keeps on working for improvement. To the extent, that she no longer has an actual weakness.

While recalling what her real inspiration behind playing tennis was, Kalli Minor said that she was only five years old when she saw tennis for the first time. Apparently, ESPN was on and Serena Williams was playing. That’s when she told her dad that she wanted to play tennis. And all because there was this woman on TV who was really good. She said that it was only later that she realized it was the tennis champion Serena Williams. Back at that time, nobody of color used to play. And Williams was definitely one of the first. Kalli Minor admitted that if she had not seen Serena Williams’ play, she would not have been here today.

Taking a look back from where Kalli Minor started, her father said that she was awkward and paying attention to her feet. She felt weird but from her first swing at the ball, it was evident. And then the adorable practices turned into grueling training. He added that when she took her first lesson, they did not imagine that she would reach here. And her success was phenomenal.

Kalli Minor claimed that tennis training is a lot more difficult than it seems. She not just had to focus on technique, but also needed a mental coach. She has to undertake some serious physical training and workouts. Moreover, Kalli Minor has to make some sacrifices for her tennis coaching. Sometimes, she has to miss seeing her friends. And also, she has been home-schooled so most of it revolves around her schedule and tennis practices.

Kalli Minor is very competitive. And does not believe in easy matches. When stepping on court, she fully knows that the other person wants to win as much as she does. That leads to her trying even harder next time. Sometimes, she becomes impatient when losing. And that’s what she needs to control the most- her temper. She admitted that it’s hard to take in defeats but now she is starting to become actually focused. She wants to train to become the best in the world. Kalli Minor wants to be able to play the Junior US Open next year. But not just play in it, but win it.

We sincerely hope she makes America proud one day!

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