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Glenn Close Stars in The Wife

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Glenn Close is once again back on the big screens. And with her role in The Wife, Glenn Close reminds everybody how rewarding, awarding and subtle her characterizations are. Even though The Wife is a typical domestic drama that has some flawed emotional logic, Glenn Close adds the perfect touch to it.

The Plot Of ‘The Wife’

The Wife is a typical example of the story that behind every great man, there is a great woman. This time, with this movie you just get to meet her. Here, the beautiful and highly intelligent wife Joan Castleman is played by Glenn Close. And she’s everything that a perfectly devoted wife should be. For almost 40 years of her life, Glenn Close sacrifices everything from her ambitions to her talent just so that she could support her husband Joe’s (played by Jonathan Pryce) literary career. All through this, she embraces all his infidelities and excuses with unimaginable grace and humor. Throughout the movie, it’s evident that the relationship between Joan and Joe is built on uneven one-sided compromises only.

However, naturally, Joan would have a breaking point too. onAnd on the eve of Joe’s Nobel Prize for Literature, Joan has to take up this last challenge. And confront the greatest sacrifice of her life and the darkest secret behind her husband’s career. The Wife is touching journey thought the relationship of Joan and Joe with it’s funny and emotional moments. But most importantly, the movie is a celebration of womanhood, liberation and the road to discovering one’s own self. The Wife perfectly reflects upon every compromise, every sacrifice, and every inch of effort that it takes on a woman’s behalf to make any relationship work.

‘The Wife’- A Celebration Of Feminism?

Even when The Wife is not considered a direct hit at feminism, with all it’s hidden concepts and the role of Glenn Close, the celebration of womanhood in the movie is evident. In fact, feminism and Glenn Close’s character are inseparable. And any woman who watches the film will surely be left justified and also, to an extent, horrified. The feeling would be familiar to almost all of them, and the compromises they have made are disturbingly settling. But even then, The Wife proves that it’s always going to be the men who decided whether they will be taken seriously or once again, for granted. And maybe, the movie just plainly tells us that the the long standing opinion is true- women might never get the approval of males.

This movie might also be subtly highlighting all the stereotypes that a woman lives with for almost all of her life. Not just highlight, but rather reinforce them with Glenn Close being the wife every man desires. The woman is loved and admired by everyone in their acquaintance circle but not for who she is. Rather, for what she becomes for her husband. And all the support and affection she renders to her children and her husband. But nobody realizes the pain or difficult truth that Glenn Close survives with as she pretends to be happy while living in the shadows of her literary husband. She does not even react as her husband blandly claims at parties that his wife does not write. When in reality, Glenn Close or the Joan was herself pursuing a career as a writer in her young years.

Is ‘The Wife’ Worth The Hype?

The Wife might really be a great movie. But undoubtedly, the plot is a bit weak with it’s stereotypical portrayals and lack of proper emotional logic. However, the surprising yet painful display of emotions are topped up with Glenn Close’s remarkably fine performance. And together, the movie has something incredible to offer.

The concepts perfectly reflect on how established a woman like Joan could be. If only, the gender would not have blocked a woman’s talents. But the movie takes a whole new turn in it’s second half. And as Glenn Close defines how her story will be given to the world, the woman displays strength like never. But maybe, the plot wasn’t as weak as the scene settings. It’s a movie with great concepts and powerful dialogues but hidden in weakly conceived sets. The domestic drama, with all it’s unique twists and turns that are somewhat believable, it’s Glenn Close who makes The Wife actually engaging.

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