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Eva Marcille doesn’t think Georgia should reopen

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Eva Marcille is one more person who disagrees with reopening Georgia. She posted a video on her Instagram. And many people agreed with her point of view. While many disagreed too. This sparked a massive debate between her followers in the comments section.

According to one of the comments, a general consensus is just that people want to get out of home and want to hang out normally. But on the other hand, there are people who want to be around for their kids and grandkids birthdays and special events. But with the economy trying to bounce back relentlessly, the old, sick, and immuno-compromised are being stripped of the opportunity.

Comments on Eva’s post:

Comments that advocate a continued lockdown:

“Yes. Stay home. I’m a doctor! and this does not make sense! We are not in better shape than before starting the stay request. No vaccine, no medical cure, etc.”

Another one said:  ‘’yes, please just pray that it is your choice, not go out to work for someone else and potentially die. Life or death. Most of us are in the same boat. When you get to that point, just pay small portions to everyone,
Prioritize some risks that your life must be careful.”

Many followers burst into agony saying that the government wants money and the government only cares for monetary gains. They continued to rant that lives are way more important. Some followers also highlighted a fact that the government is easing the lockdown on primarily African-American states. They were so angry at how the government is handling the pandemic so racially.

Few followers that left comments are doctors and nurses. And they emphasized on the second wave of this pandemic. They say it will hit and it will hit hard. So, anyone who reads this, we urge you to act responsibly and stay home, stay indoors until this wave passes. Come out on the other side alive and healthy.

Stay healthy and safe!

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