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Netflix Extraction 2 To Happen Soon Amidst Storyline Talks

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The new Netflix movie Extraction is getting a good response. It has become the number one pick in some regions of Netflix as well. Thanks to Sam Hargrave’s efforts to build an absolute action-packed thriller and putting Chris Hemsworth in it as Tyler Rake. Just from this description, it figures that the movie will do good. However, there is more to that now. Looking at the storyline of the movie, Extraction 2 might just be around the corner. To discuss this, we would have to talk about the ending, hence SPOILER ALERT!

Extraction 2 Can Make Use Of Different Opportunities

A good part of this opportunity comes from the way Extraction ends. Although we cannot confirm it, we see Ovi watching a man who resembles Tyler Rake. Now, we did see him get fatally wounded in the final battle, but the final scene has an eight months time jump. Therefore, Extraction 2 can discuss what come’s next as Tyler keeps a close eye on Ovi, keeping him safe from the shadows.

On the other hand, when Sam Hargrave spoke to Digital Spy, he hinted that the sequel, Extraction 2, doesn’t necessarily have to continue to the storyline.

“We’re all going to wait to see how fans react to the film. And based on that, there have been discussions of different storylines that could take place in different times – both forward in time and backwords in time. We’re just waiting to see what happens. And to see how the apetite is for these characters and for this film.”

Not a bad call by the filmmaker, quite a wise decision indeed!

However, the director emphasized yet again at the end that there have been talks about Extraction 2. So, is the future storyline better or the past?

Past Or The Future?

When we discuss the past, one thing that can be a buzzkill is that we already know Chris Hemsworth’s character fate. We know that he is not going to die in Extraction 2 because of how the universe has been made. Therefore, we might not be as excited about it. Moreover, it would be depressing to still not know what happened to him, who was that man at the pool, and even guessing that Tyler is dead.

Whereas, in the future storyline, where we consider Tyler to die might not be any better either. However, fans just can work with this version of Extraction 2, given that the filmmakers cover all the plotholes.

What do you guys think about it?

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