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Kristen Bell Previews Season 2 of Momsplaining

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Kristen Bell is once again returning with her popular web series Momsplaining. And recently, when appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she discussed the season 2 for it. The series is unimaginably hilarious and fun as Kristen Bell teaches women on motherhood.

The second season of Momsplaining is as adventurous as the first one. Kristen Bell shares some hilarious aspects of motherhood. She provides new moms a lighthearted escape from their regular duties. Moreover, she adds some parenting tips to make it even more useful.

Kristen Bell herself has two daughters Lincoln and Delta. And they are 5 years and 3 years respectively. Along with her husband Dax Shepard, they make a great parenting team.

Kristen Bell Discusses Momsplaining Season 2

On Thursday’s broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kristen Bell appeared. And shared some highlights for season 2 of ‘Momsplaining With Kristen Bell’. Apparently, her Ellentube show is being renewed for another season.

Momsplaining is all about Kristen Bell teaching other women motherhood as she sees it. While talking to Ellen, she claimed that it was momsplaining through her lens as a mother. It’s different because it’s how a mother sees things. She said it’s everything on how you see things as dirty, messy or gross but you love them and you also hate them. So basically, it’s about almost all those things. Kristen Bell claimed that the whole affair was also extremely funny.

Not just the overview, but Kristen Bell also shared some details of the upcoming six episodes of Momsplaining. In one of the segments, Bell would visit a family who just welcomed twins a few hours ago. And there she would present the mother with a very useful gift, which might not seem so. Kristen Bell gave her an ice pack with some advice. She said that she could use it down there. And then the star went on to reveal a list of ever euphemism that she gave to her vagina. In fact, some of them are too improper to discuss publicly.

Kristen Bell also gave an insight on one touching experience that the coming episodes of Momsplaining would feature. In one segment, she is standing right next to excited family members as a woman is in labor in a delivery room. She stands next to her chanting push repeatedly. And soon, the entire room erupts into joy as the baby girl enters the world. Then, Kristen Bell tells the new mom that she is a warrior.

After these video clips were given out on the show, Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres welcomed these two mothers from the video on stage.  Bell thanked them for letting her become a part of their experience. And admitted that they almost let her into the splash zone which was very close and extremely personal.

It seems like Momsplaining is the dream television show of every mom out here!

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