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Jamie Murray Dismisses Serena Williams Sexism Claims

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By this time, it’s quite obvious that Serena Williams is doing all she can to battle sexism in sports. Considering her recent claim that umpires treat men and women differently, a huge controversy was sparked. But recently, the US Open mixed doubles champion Jamie Murray dismissed all her claims. And said that her reaction was pretty overboard.

For those who are still unaware, Serena Williams has been a constant victim of racism and sexism. Previously, the French Open banned her from wearing a catsuit on the courts. For that she clapped back by wearing a tutu. But last week, in the US Open Women Single’s finale, Serena Williams was unfairly treated by umpire Carlos Ramos. And due to three penalties that she received, she lost to her opponent Naomi Osaka. However, Serena Williams called out on this sexism and ever since, it grew to become one of the greatest controversies in sports. In fact, she even accused the umpire of being a thief and a liar.

In a post-match press conference, Serena Williams said that she would take up the fight for gender equality in sports. And that female players always receive a more harsh treatment compared to the male athletes. She added that male players were given much more rights to receive coaching or venting out their frustrations on the courts. But when she did, she was awarded code violations three times in a row.

Jamie Murray Rejects Serena Williams’ Sexism Claims

Jamie Murray just came up with his own side of the picture. He claimed that Carlos Ramos had every right to award Serena Williams code violations. And that the treatment she received was no different than what male players do. He added that according to him, the umpire made the right decisions based on the scenario in the game. Jamie Murray said that coaching was common. A lot many people are doing it but they do not necessarily get called out for it. But he has seen a lot many people who do get called out for coaching. And they might grumble but everybody gets on with it.

It might not just be Jamie Murray who holds that view. But many other male players and coaches are agreeing with the stance that males do not get preferential treatment. US captain Jim Courier said that it’s polarized and politicized to some extents. However, there were no doubts that Carlos Ramos was just enforcing the rules that he felt were being violated.

Steve Johnson, another player added that he did not want to come off the wrong way. But he felt that the umpire was just enforcing the rules that are enforced on all of them. And that implies that Serena Williams was not singled out because of her gender. He said that even though he has never been called out for coaching, verbal abuse and racket abuse are just common things. However, he added that it may have been a little over amplified since it was the US Open finals.

The International Tennis Federation also defended Carlos Ramos saying that he acted with professionalism and integrity. Considering these responses, it seems like Serena Williams’ fight with sexism won’t be all that easy.

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