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Why Prince William Won’t Watch Tiger King

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If you have a Netflix subscription or using someone else’s, you must have binge-watched Tiger King already. More or less, we are still obsessed with the show. However, Prince William is not going to watch the show for one hilarious reason.


After the original series became a hit, the makers of Tiger King released an additional episode

When it was released, no one anticipated it to become so popular. Although Joe Exotic is in jail, he has gained fame and a fan base. On the other hand, Carole Baskin has been receiving death threats on the basis of her husband’s disappearance. Similarly, other people featured in Tiger King are also favorites. From Kim Kardashian to Cardi B, every celebrity posted their views about the show on social media. Since March, 64 million people have watched the show and became one of the most-watched reality show on Netflix. Recently, Netflix released an additional episode with interviews of all the people featured on the show. However, this episode did not receive the same kind of viewership. In fact, people felt it was unnecessary and lacked the same quality.


However, Prince William does not want to watch the show

While the entire world talked about Tiger King, Prince William has managed to avoid it. In fact, he has consciously decided to not watch the show. Recently, he made an appearance on Stephen Fry’s fundraiser show, Big Night In. During the show, Fry asked him how life in quarantine is for the Cambridges. In response to that, Prince William admitted that homeschooling his three kids has been a nightmare. Later, he asked Fry:

“By the way have you seen anything good on TV? It’s hell without EastEnders.”

To which Stephen Fry responded:

“They tell me Tiger King is quite good.”

In return, Prince William hilariously replied:

 “I tend to avoid shows about royalty.”

Previously, when asked if he watches The Crown, Duke of Cambridge firmly replied that he does not. Whether it’s fake or real, Prince William does not want to talk about royalty.

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