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Kim Jong-Un Dead – Social Media Reacts To Rumors

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China has sent a team of doctors to North Korea to help the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un with his health.  According to the Hong Kong TV, the North Korean supreme leader has passed away. The U.S officials are still unsure over this. When there is so much confusion and blurry vision, then social media is probably the best/worst place to be for any fact checks. After the news of the death surfaced, the internet quickly came into action.

Is Kim Jong-Un Dead?

We do not know for sure, but apparently, Newsweek has gotten hold of some Pentagon official to talk about this unofficially.

“While the U.S. continues to monitor reports surrounding the health of the North Korean Supreme Leader, at this time, there is no confirmation from official channels that Kim Jong Un is deceased. North Korean military readiness remains within historical norms and there is no further evidence to suggest a significant change in defensive posturing or national level leadership changes.”

A few days ago, rumors spread that North Korean head of state is in ill health. Kim Jong-Un had heart surgery on April 12, as an anonymous source told an outlet in South Korea. Next, a Congress-funded think-tank even concluded that Kim is in grave danger.


As for Twitter, they have somehow believed that Kim Jong-Un is dead and has even made a Hashtag about it. #KIMJONGUNDEAD is trending on Twitter containing several thousand tweets and memes.

Unfortunately, we might not get to hear the official breaking news. At least, not in time. We already know about North Korea’s secretive traditions and how the inside news barely gets out of its boundaries.

Since Kim took over in 2011, he has been in a disappearing trend. In 2014, he disappeared for over a month in 2014. Currently, he has no line of succession or at least none that the world knows about.

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