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Ellen Pompeo Blames Weinstein’s Victims For Their Sexual Assault?

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2020 has been a strange year. From the Australian bush fires to Kobe Bryant’s death and now the COVID-19 outbreak that has the entire world under a lockdown – this is indeed a year which is unfolding in a scary manner. However, the only good thing to come out of 2020 so far was the verdict in the Harvey Weinstein trials. But, Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo seems to believe that his victims deserve a share of the blame too!

Ellen Pompeo is blaming Weinstein’s victims!

Harvey Weinstein’s Victims Are To Blame For Their Sexual Assault, Says Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

Accused by multiple women belonging to different walks of life, Weinstein was recently found guilty for sexually assaulting women. His case has to be one of the biggest cases of Hollywood and of course, a prominent case that has reshaped the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement.

While the world has entirely canceled Harvey Weinstein, Ellen Pompeo recently shared some controversial remarks over the entire case. In an interview that has gone viral on social media, Pompeo said some insensitive things about the Harvey Weinstein case:

There’s some responsibility… not all, but it takes two to tango,

Pompeo further added,

It’s all what we are willing to tolerate and in our self-esteem what are we going to put up with… what are we going to compromise and how bad do we want to be in show business

So, basically what Ellen Pompeo did is what one calls classic victim-blaming. She blamed the victims for not taking enough action or did not have the courage to smash on Weinstein’s face because of his inappropriate advancements. Blaming the victims in a sexual assault case is sadly a very common thing to happen. People are quick to blame the victim, who shows a lot of bravery in coming forward with their claims. Many times, victims don’t surface at all because of the fear of being blamed and questioned.

Here’s the clip of the interview we are talking about:


She later admitted she wasn’t aware of the whole story

Though she later clarified herself and said that she only meant sexual harassment and not sexual assault. Ellen Pompeo admitted to not knowing the full story and the extent of what Weinstein was doing:

Okay, so I was just told The Times story was out before this but I didn’t read it … I only was really following the story on the news once the trial began. I was speaking about MY experience of being harassed in Hollywood and my outlook on it.  For years before Time’s Up women had to put up with harassment and still do on a regular basis …it was just part of the job as it is in a lot or all professions …we couldn’t complain like we can now. If we complained we would be out and the man would stay.”

She’s been controversial in the past too

Previously, Ellen Pompeo has also said some racist things on How to Get Away with Murder actress Viola Davis:


First, it was her racist remarks, and now it’s victim-blaming. Should Ellen Pompeo be canceled over these statements? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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