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Tom Hanks Sends Typewriter To Bullied Boy Whose Name Is Corona

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Celebrity Tom Hanks might be practicing self-isolation during the coronavirus quarantine, but this does not mean he cannot help out either. The star contracted the COVID19 disease along with his wife some weeks ago in Australia after which he had admitted himself at a hospital for treatment. Now back home in the US, he is not just practicing lockdown, but also recently helped out a bullied child named Corona. And perhaps it’s obvious, yet still unreasonable, why the poor child had to experience this.

Tom Hanks Sends A Gift To His Little ‘Friend’

The cute friendship between the bullied child Corona and Tom Hanks began when the former wrote him a letter. When Corona found out that the actor was admitted to Australia, he wrote a letter to him and his wife, Rita Wilson. In the most adorable of ways, the kid also asked him about his well-being: “are you okay?”

Unfortunately, Tom Hanks had already left for the US when he found out about the boy. Therefore, he decided to dust off his retro Corona typewriter, he wrote a letter back to the bullied child.

“Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful! Thank you for being succh a good friend – friends make their friends feel good when they are down.”

For Corona, the child, this must be a very moving day for him. From getting bullied at school because of his name, he suddenly became a crown of the sun, as Tom Hanks called him. He further added that he thought about giving Corona his typewriter and that he should use it to write him back.

“I thought this typewriter would suit you. Ask a grown up how it works. And use it to write me back…. P.S. You got a friend in ME!”

Tom Hanks referenced his personal note at the end in reference to the character Woody in the movie Toy Story.

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