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Sally Field Opens Up About Dark Moments In Her Book

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Sally Field is done with writing her memoir In Pieces. And it has a collection of the darkest life moments that the actress has experienced. In fact, it’s probably everything we never heard about Sally Field. The book comes out on 18th September. But the actress is glad that Burt Reynolds could not get a chance to read it. However, she had good intentions behind it since she feels that whatever she wrote might have hurt her ex-boyfriend.

Sally Field is probably telling her story for the first time in her own words. And In Pieces is a gorgeous reflection on how hard the American idol has suffered throughout her life. From challenging childhood to haunting abuse stories, Sally Field has shared everything that shapes her journey as a daughter and a mother.

Sally Field Reveals Her Life Story

Sally Field has had a traumatic childhood. And now with her book scheduled to release soon, it’s time that we all know about it. The actress was sexually abused from a very young age. Much to everyone’s disgust, it was her own step father assaulting her. But Sally Field remained silent about it for a long while just because she did not feel that she had a voice. Finally, she opened up to her mother about the abuse she faced up until she was 14 years of age when her mother was dying of cancer. Although, her mother was already predicting her death, she dealt well with her daughter’s enormous secret. And assured her that she would no longer be alone in her pain.

While mentioning her stepfather in her memoir, Sally Field wrote that he was cruel and frightening. But he could also be magical and that’s how he entranced all the other family members. She said that she felt both helpless and a child. But also powerful. She knew that it was power and she owned it but she wanted to be a child.

Sally Field experienced a sexual awakening during her late teen years. And it was almost like breaking out of her own brain. The actress even fell pregnant when she was only 17 and opted for a secret abortion. But Sally Field had more to look onto as she found love, twice in her marriages. She married twice and got three children from these marriages in total. But both times her relationships ended in divorce. And that’s how her relationship with Burt Reynolds went- on and off.

Sally Field also mentions the times in her youth when she fell into drugs. And in one such instance, she even woke up to find Jimmy Webb on top of her after they smoked a joint together. The two did go out in their popular times. And when responding to requests on her memoir, Jimmy Webb recalled their relationship saying that they have done everything from hanging out to smoking pot and having sex.

Sally Field also talked about her relationship with Burt Reynolds. She said that although they had a 5 year long intense romance, she was trying to recreate her relationship with her abuser. Several pages of her upcoming book are dedicated to the romance between her and Burt Reynolds. And she even claimed that his death brought back her feelings and nostalgia. She said that she was glad he could not read it now. Just because she did not want to hurt him any further.

It seems like Sally Field has definitely had a challenging life. But she managed to succeed as one of the most famous faces in Hollywood.

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