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The Best and Worst Contestants of Too Hot To Handle

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Although Too Hot to Handle cast consisted of ten people, four more contestants were added later. However, not all of the contestants were lovable. Some of them were just plain annoying. Let’s find out best and worst contestants of the show.


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Apart from the two couples, Too Hot to Handle cast had many interesting people.

While Francesa and Harry were the real troublemakers among Too Hot to Handle cast members, all of them had their moments. Although the show focused on personal growth and making connections, some Too Hot to Handle cast members did not seem interested. Here is a list of best and worst contestants:


David Birtwistle:

When the UK’s hot hunk David walked in, all the girls had their eyes on his six pack abs. In the first episode, when he approached Rhonda, it seemed that there might be something. However, she seemed more focused on Sharron and David took a step back. Throughout the show, he seemed like a sensitive, considerate guy. Although he could not pair up with any of the girls, David came out as one of the most lovable among Too Hot to Handle cast members. Not only did he consider other people’s emotions, he showed vulnerability on many occasions. His bromance with Sharron was not only adorable but also felt genuine. The best moment was when he teared up during a workshop and felt a deep connection with Rhonda. However, he let go of his attractions for his friend. It would not be wrong to say that David did learn from the experience and should have been the sole winner.


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Chloe Veitch:

She was the very first cast member to be on the villa. Not only is she stunning, Chloe has a great sense of humor. Although she also could not pair up with anyone, she did make many friends, including Nicole O’Brien. Throughout the show, Chloe tried to make a connection with several men but failed. However, her sense of humor and cheeky personality entertained everyone. There was no dull moment when Chloe was around. She had the best one-liners in the show. When Kori asked for a date with Francesa instead of Chloe, we all felt a bit cheated. All in all, she is a pure soul.


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Kori Sampson:

Although, he came on the show in the sixth episode, there was enough to see that Kori was in true terms, a geezer. From the moment he stepped on the villa, he showed disrespect for the rules, seemed extremely arrogant and full of himself. It seemed that Kori had no desire to make any emotional connections or personal growth. On top of that, he tried to break the bond between Francesa and Harry and broke Chloe’s heart. However, his plan backfired. When Chloe confronted him, he became defensive and acted immaturely. He is among the worst Too Hot to Handle cast members.


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Haley Cureton:

While she is a full-time university student and made sure to tell everyone, Haley did not know where Australia is. Apparently, she could not understand anyone’s accents as well. However, the reason why Haley was the worst is that she did not even make an effort of getting to know anyone. She felt Lana was stupid and so were her rules. Apart from Francesa, she hardly talked to anyone. It seemed that Haley did not want to be there and thought everyone was beneath her to make any connection.


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Let us know in the comments who you think was the best and worst among Too Hot to Handle cast.

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