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YouTube’s FIRST Video was Uploaded 15 Years Ago Today!

What a Journey it has been!

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Watch a YouTube Video: A common solution to different problems. Whether we seek entertainment, information, or education, YouTube has everything for us. But like every other well-established business, the video-sharing service in question had to start from somewhere as well. And guess what? Today marks exactly 15 years since the day it all began! On April 23, 2005, Jawed Karim uploaded YouTube’s first video!

Me at the zoo: A Simple Start to a Magnificent Journey!

Yes, this is YouTube’s first video. It features Jawed Karim (co-founder of the company as well as the uploader of the video) in a San Diego Zoo. There’s nothing fancy about it. It is just an 18-second clip in which Karim appreciates… elephants.

As we stated above, “Me at the zoo” was uploaded on this day (April 23) 15 years ago. The YouTube video in question boasts over 90 million views and nearly 3 million likes currently.

Around 8 months later (December 2005), YouTube’s official launch took place. Since then, it has undergone some “massive” changes. YouTube offers a platform for creators of all types to showcase their potential.

The Importance of the First YouTube Video

As per Business Insider, “Me at the zoo” is the “most important YouTube video of all time”. BI claimed that the video in question reflected the idea behind YouTube i.e. you don’t need to rely on high-end production to use the platform. In fact, “Me at the zoo” promoted the idea that anyone could put out content.

Greg Jarboe believes that the idea of encouraging users to get on board became the reason behind the company’s immense success in the long-run. The New York Observer and BuzzFeed acknowledged Jawed Karim’s video as highly important as well.


So, take out the time to wish this video a happy 15th birthday. If it wasn’t for it, we could have missed out on loads of amazing content.

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