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Did the USA Military plant the coronavirus in Wuhan, China?

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The USA Military brought the coronavirus into Wuhan, China. That is the claim of Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of China. You may have already heard about this rumor. Many media outlets have declared it as a lame attempt of the People’s Republic of China to cover its own shortcomings. However, today we are going to look deeper into this “claim” of China’s. They wouldn’t have blamed the USA military without evidence, right?

Did the USA military plant the coronavirus in China

Did the USA Military export the coronavirus:

Let’s see first what the Chinese officials are blaming the US of.

The Chinese official only mentioned the USA army but did not go into any details about what he specifically meant. However, some have speculated that he is talking about the 2019 Military World Games. The games were held in the month of October at Wuhan, China. More than 100 countries including the United States attended the ceremony. The Chinese are citing these reasons they believe the coronavirus was actually imported from the United States to Wuhan China:

  1.  The US Guest House was located close to the seafood market where the outbreak initially happened.
  2. The first infections occurred in November 2019, just days after the conclusion of the Military Games.
  3. Moreover, American soldiers, who are often the best, had a mediocre performance in the Games.
  4. The USA tightened visa applications from China after the Games.

All of these reasons are circumstantial at best. The Chinese say that the sudden change of heart in trade negotiations Trump had last year was just a “good gesture” before the storm.

The United States of America vs. China:

The blame game between both countries is hurting more people than its helping. Sure, if you look into it, you might see a conspiracy theory bubbling. The USA had a humbling defeat in the Military Games. It ranked 35th, even beyond India, Turkey, and Iran. But that does not mean the USA had sent surrogate soldiers to Wuhan. Chinese media outlets went on to claim that the coronavirus was manufactured in the USA. The only reasoning behind this is that only American laboratories are technologically advanced enough to do this, which is also false.

But the main reason this conspiracy made waves in China is not because of any speculation or evidence, but the image of the US itself. Certainly, the country who never hesitated to drop TWO NUCLEAR BOMBS on Japan would never hesitate to launch a biological weapon at China. It was obviously going to surpass the USA’s economy otherwise. Whatever the case, there is one thing we know for sure. The USA is the worst victim of coronavirus, with almost a million cases and 50,000 deaths.

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