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We Know Who Survives The Finale Of Westworld Season 3!

Potential spoilers ahead. You were warned.

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Okay, I don’t have any source inside HBO that tells me what’s gonna happen. All of this is a result of pure detective work. And, it has led me to believe that we know which characters from Westworld Season 3 will survive the finale! But, funny thing is, I deduced this from the announcements of Westworld Season 4!

Did Westworld’s season 4 announcements give up the finale?

Now, only yesterday did we find out that we would even have a Westworld season 4. But, the cast members also have to announce the renewal of the show on their social media accounts. And that is where we were able to deduce the fates of the characters of Westworld Season 3 in the season finale! And by the looks of it, it looks like the main antagonist Serac is going to die!

If you look at the Instagram accounts of the actors, all of them posted the animation of season 4. Here’s Aaron Paul exciting message:


And Evan Rachel Wood’s message is here, although it’s not nearly as exciting as Aaron Paul’s. Maybe she’s used to the work environment of Westworld by season 3? Who knows.

And here’s Jeffrey Wright’s Instagram post:

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The struggle goes on.

A post shared by Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) on

Of course, how could we forget Maeve? Here’s Thandie Newton’s post:

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So this just happened… Season 4 @westworldhbo

A post shared by Thandie Newton (@thandienewton) on

But, Vincent Cassel and Tessa Thompson didn’t share anything…

We Know Who Survives The Finale Of Westworld Season 3

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Vincent Cassel, who plays Serac, is a focal character in Westworld Season 3. In fact, he’s kinda like the main villain in the show right now. But, he never made a single post about Westworld’s season 4 on his Instagram account. Here, check his feed for yourself! He hasn’t made a single post regarding season 4, and it’s not like he never posts about his work on social media. He has repeatedly shared Westworld season content on Instagram:

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If you wanna know more about Serac @westworldhbo

A post shared by Vincent Cassel (@vincentcassel) on

So, does this mean that Engerraund Serac could die in the season 3 finale? There’s a chance! Since episode 3, he has always seemed vulnerable to Dolores. Moreover, it could help the show focus on the conflict between Maeve and Dolores. But, it’ll be a huge step for the show, as Serac is the main focus of Westworld’s season 3. And killing off such a major character will leave the upcoming season 4 in a lot of shrouded mystery. But, I guess we can only know for sure when the finale finally airs on the 4th of May!

Moreover, Tessa Thompson didn’t post anything on her Instagram account either. But, she hasn’t made a single post about Westworld season 3, which means it indicates nothing. We have no idea if Charlotte Hale (or Charlotte Dolores) survives the finale and makes it into season 4. But, then again, the entire theory of ours with Serac is also speculation. Let’s wait till the finale to know for sure what happens!

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