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Jana Kramer had a panic attack after flying to Canada amid COVID-19

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When this pandemic started, there were mixed reactions everywhere. Some people laughed it off and said they pay no heed to something going on in the other part of the world. People were still leaving their countries for their plans despite the alarms ringing everywhere. Here’s a similar story for you about Jana Kramer.

Jana Kramer got panicked

The famous American country singer and actress from One Tree Hill was on a tour for her new single ‘Untouchables’. The pandemic was pretty new then. Despite the warning calls, she decided that she will follow the production’s plan. So she left Nashville for Canada with her kids and husband. She got to hear backlash from followers on social media that she is not taking things seriously enough. But she landed in Canada anyway. One day before the filming began, she got a panic attack. It finally hit her that she made a wrong move coming all the way to Canda. Jana Kramer’s only concern was her family and this is why she got a panic attack.

Her husband was the responsible one in this situation as he did his very best to calm his wife down. He told Jana Kramer to talk to the production that it is not safe for the family and her to stay away from home at this time. Now, the couple and their two kids are safe in their house in Nashville. They are doing their best just like everybody else to entertain themselves while staying indoors. As is the case with most parents, the couple also spends most of their time with their kids. With tents set in the room for the kids to play and one of the parents taking a ten-minute break, it all works out somehow.

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