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Ansel Elgort Goes Nude for Charity

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During the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic, we are all doing our best to eradicate it. The sooner the better. While charities all over the world are working hard collaborating with celebs and world-renowned names to raise funds, certain celebrities are also raising funds on their own. Such is the case with ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ actor, Ansel Elgort. He decided to do his part and adds his share to the GoFundMe charity to raise money for those in need at this uncertain time. But, here’s the thing. As his share, he posts a nude to encourage fans to help donate. With his hand over his privates, the photo served as a treat for fans on his Instagram from around the world!

Unfortunately, the photo was removed due to Instagram Safe Community guidelines. But not to worry as Ansel Elgort mentions in his story;

Unfortunately, Instagram told be I gotta take my post down because it’s nudity. So, I am gonna take it down. Or maybe I’ll repost a version that cuts a little higher.

Ansel Elgort Posts Nude for Brooklyn Hospital Fundraiser

Luckily for the fans, this fan account immediately took it upon themself to re-post the picture. The NSFW picture by Ansel came crashing onto social media and has gained the attention of many in the first few hours of the post. But more than that, what surprises us is the fact that Ansel Elgort is still so fit! I mean, here we are, unable to hold back from stuffing our faces every few hours and the actor looks fit as ever!

Gladly the attention meant more donations! Fans have donated with as much as they can. Ansel Elgort posts later on his story how he is not sure if it is because of the post but in a few hours, the ‘Brooklyn For Life!’ charity has received so many more donations. There have been donations as less as $3 even! It is great to see the commitment.

On an ending note, it was cute how Ansel Elgort captioned the original post ‘OnlyFans LINK IN BIO!’ and then the bio has the Go Fund Me link.

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