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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Wins 3 Emmys

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The list of 8 nominations in Emmy’s category of Outstanding Comedy Series screams ‘Peak TV’ at the loudest pitch. In this platinum era, where competition is toll taking formulaic shows are expected to be producers’ immediate pick to cash on. This; however, is simply not the case for comedy shows in America. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel wins 3 Emmys!

The comedy spectrum at Emmys beams a variety of lights, which all shine brightly enough to get their own recognition. This myriad of farces is never abated by quantity, In fact the quality of nominations reflects upon the impending social change that will dawn to America with the acceptance of such shows. Even with a vast selection of genres America’s light hearted entertainment nails it perfectly.

Comedies with a feminist tone (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) , bizarre jokes from the bygone era( Marvelous Mrs Maisel, GLOW), whip smart slapsticks about nerdy people (Silicon Valley), jovial portrayals of the struggles of being a minority (Black-ish)- this all makes up for such a diversity that sets an example. The list does not simply keep on mentioning family sitcoms. In fact it leaves no category ignored in this vast expanse of comic entertainment, much unlike the way the Emmys have done before.

Taking the mantle from Amazon’s Transparent, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel now stands in line for an Emmy. A celebration of comedy itself, Amazon’s period piece has already conquered the stage at several other award shows. It is, to many extents, unbelievable that the show creator Amy Sherman has never seen the 50s. Every detail in the show is so finely placed that the audience simply reverts back to the vintage 50s independent of whether they have survived the era or not.

When people carry a status symbol above that of the blue-collar people, they don’t simply do comic stage gigs. This; however, seizes to be the situation for our Upper Westside Housewife The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Juggling between her identities of an up-and-coming stage comedian and an aristocratic English lady, Miriam Maisel tells a story untold. For some reason are minds are prejudiced into thinking about British women of the past in a very strange sense. Ivory-pink gown clad, sunhat wearing women of tradition with golden locks who’d exhibit the greatest mannerism even if placed in a dungeon. Mrs. Maisel came from Amazon just to clear up these misconceptions. Maybe the attires held true, but the personalities were drastically different.

The show has left critics in awe. After this destructive wave of  misconduct hit America hard, there was a strong need of a morally uplifting story.  People saw Maisel as she battled out in the most cynical times, and got herself what she needed. In fact her tale had a secret message. When you rise above social hate, you do not just be happy, you can keep others happy too.

The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel’s success is not only necessary for its own good. If it gets accepted, it will green light other networks to come up with more women based stories in a highly men centric industry.  As Maisel’s fan would know better, Midge is pretty convincing. Maybe, the gold awards in her hands, or on the show’s throne will just be as captivating as her aura

The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel is up against TVs best comedies. Atlanta has grown bolder and rather unconventional with its second season. Glow has a respectable image amongst women yearning for change. Black-ish is widely acclaimed too, and it has been consistently generating quality content throughout all four seasons. Bill Hader’s Barry is a dark horse to watch out for, and the silicon Valley too has divine followers. But having racked up the Golden Globes, Emmys turned out to be an easier game for Maisel than for others.

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