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Hugh Jackman teaches Jimmy Fallon to bake bread

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Jimmy Fallon is going strong with his all-new home edition episodes. And we are more than happy for all the content he and his fellow talk show hosts are creating. Entertainment is in short supply these days and we are fortunate to get it in any form.

Hugh Jackman joins Jimmy Fallon

On April 17, 2020, Jimmy Fallon called his dear old friend Hugh Jackman on the show. The home edition of the show with our two favorite men on the planet was much enjoyed. In a true homey fashion, they were both interrupted by their family members. Aren’t we all excited when someone in the house gets a call from someone? Just like that, Hugh Jackman’s wife of 24 years joined him as well. The couple talked about their wedding anniversary. On their first date apparently, Mick Jagger was there as well. And Hugh Jackman talked about how she has lost connection with Mick and misses it.
Then, Wolverine starts guiding his friend Jimmy to make challah, a special bread. Hugh already had kneaded his bread and Jimmy had a store-bought dough. Although Jimmy Fallon did cheat with his store-bought dough. But we’ll have to give him some points for doing this. He guided him on how to braid the bread step by step. Who knew that after all the shredded lifestyle Hugh lived, he’d be that much of an expert in bread making. They both then placed their loaves of bread in the oven. And they talked about life in general. How they are both supporting the actor’s fund for COVID-19. Jimmy Fallon’s adorable daughter joined her father for some attention as well. Later they talked about Hugh Jackman’s role in Broadway’s “The Music Man”.

Watch Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon hitting it off in their video call here.

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