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Yvonne Strahovski: Emmy’s Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series?

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First of all, Yvonne Strahovski is a lead on The Handmaid’s Tale, and she has been nominated in the wrong category. She is not, in any context, a supporting character. A regular projection of the conventional Emmy bedlam. But nevertheless, now Yvonne at least has an Emmy nomination. The maestro has bagged her first ever Emmy nomination for her spectacular performance in the latest season of The Handmaid’s Tale. And, we are rooting for her to take the prize home. I would be lying if I say I haven’t binge-watched scenes from the show for Yvonne. She is as magnificent as an artist can be, and her cold, composed Serena is there to give you chills.

When we watch the hauntingly addicting The Handmaid’s Tale, Serena’s presence is something we yearn for in every scene. As she only perfectly minds her house, we cannot have her on-screen all the time. But, honestly, if every scene on the show was told with Serena’s perspective, it wouldn’t be something I would mind.

Who Does She Play?

Yvonne’s Serena Joy is all together, a treat to have on screen. Masqueraded as a committed, God-fearing, by-the-norms housewife Serena had several layers to her character that weren’t peeled off until the show’s second season.

Yvonne Strahovski plays a character that is so diverse and bizarre that simply makes our heads spin, yet so strong that a metal would melt at the same temperature where Serena would stay stiffly frozen.  She had a lot to do on her checklist. Longing for motherhood, she made some irrational decisions in the best of her mental health, and now she probably regrets the hell she has created. She debated maligning women as second-class citizens, very ignorantly not realizing that she is one of them too. And now, that her entire world has turned upside down; she is facing the bitter consequences of her own bitter actions. She frequently vents out the anger at her horrible decisions. Sadly she directs her fury at the already pathetic woman she holds captive, making her worse than what she was back when founding Gilead.

Refining With Time

As the show aired a season 2, its quality went downhill. But Yvonne Strahovski remained the only person who refined with time. Her character took a 180 degree turn when the creatives decided to humanize Serena. Serena had chalked up so many instances of being truly horrifying that everyone was skeptical if Yvonne Strahovski could justify the newly found changes. How did it turn out? Well throughout season 2, we were able to empathize with a woman who once suggested that the best way to discipline a woman is by raping her.

Yvonne’s character was the front and center of this season’s narrative. From a melancholic wild maniac, she matured slightly into a queen who would fix another’s crown. She received severe punishments for her daring act of reading before men, and this sudden refinement in personality hints us towards Yvonne’s finesse.

The eerily gonzo camaraderie between Yvonne’s Serena and Elisabeth Moss’ June is another reason to root for her victory. From being a torturous master and a pitiful slave, they both developed a warmer, yet indefinable bond. This is something that proves Yvonne’s versatility. To begin with, there was no ‘Serena’s side’, and now we are all ‘Team Serena’

Other Challengers

Yvonne Strahovski is currently facing the best performers in the industry. Two other contestants in the same category come from her own show: Alexis Bledel and Ann Dowd. They were, of course, great too, but were not exactly able to outperform Yvonne. Probably the greatest threat arises from Lena Headey, multiple time Emmy winner and GOT’s most despicable Cersei Lannister. Stranger Things Child Star, Millie Bobby Brown is another acclaimed figure with a massive fan following, who will too pose a great challenge for Yvonne.

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